The list of activities for residents of the ASEZ “Svobodny” has been expanded

The list of activities for residents of the ASEZ “Svobodny” has been expanded

The list of activities for residents of the ASEZ

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree expanding the list of activities for residents of the Svobodny Advanced Social and Economic Development Territory (ASEZ) in the Amur Region.

The changes are aimed at more actively attracting investment in the housing sector, the Russian government said in a statement. “A special legal regime of entrepreneurial activity will now apply to real estate transactions for residents of the territory of advanced social and economic development” Svobodny “in the Amur Region,” the message says.

“The decision will help to attract investment in housing construction, as well as the development of engineering, social and commercial infrastructure. One such project has already been planned. We are talking about the construction of a microdistrict in the city of Svobodny, where up to 5 thousand people will be able to live. important objects: a kindergarten, a school, a shop and a training complex. The project is planned to be implemented within the next five years, “the press service said.

“TOP Svobodny” was created in 2017. The free customs zone regime operates within its borders. In addition, residents have access to preferential tax conditions, including reduced rates of insurance premiums, and simplified administrative procedures, “the department recalls.

The Amur Region was one of the regions that Mishustin visited during a working trip to the Far East in August 2020. The head of government launched the construction of one of the world's largest gas chemical complexes on the territory of the Svobodnensky District.

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