The LIDOM MVP of the Week went to Yairo Muñoz and Steven Moyers

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  • LIDOM MVP of the Week went to Yairo Muñoz and Steven Moyers

    Carlos Martínez and Jerar Encarnación receive their awards from Víctor Sued together with Valentín Contreras and Erick Almonte.

The fifth installment of the MVP of the Week gave Players from the hottest teams of the 2022-2023 championship dedicated to the memory of Mr. Tomás Troncoso Cuesta will be named winners.

Yairo Muñoz, from the Águilas Cibaeñas, as a player position, and Steve Moyers, from Licey, as pitcher, were chosen this Monday as MVP of the Week, the official award of the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic (LIDOM).

Muñoz, a utility player for the Cibaeño team, accumulated 10,000 wins. 59 votes, while Moyers, Licey's opener, managed to win. 80 votes from the votes that are carried out “on line” and in person among the members of the national press that cover the incidents of the tournament that the Banreservas Cup disputes. Muñoz becomes the third player from the Águilas to obtain the distinction and Moyers is the fourth member of the Tigres to win the award.

The eaglet baseball player stood out during the period between November 7 and 13 by hitting .600, the product of six hits in 10 shifts during three games in which he worked. Yairo towed four runs.

Yamaico Navarro, starter for the Toros del Este, was second with 25 ballots and Ramón Hernández, from Licey, received the second with 25 ballots. 18 votes. Jesús Sánchez, from los Toros, took out the victory. 16 votes. It was tried one of the closest and most varied voting so far for the awards ceremony.

On his side, Moyers became the leader. He became the first North American to be MVP of the Week by registering two victories during the mentioned period. He took out 80 votes and was followed by César Valdez, from the Tigres, who received the second vote. 15 votes. Humberto Mejía, from Leones del Escogido, finished the event. in 10 ballots. The lefty Moyers had ten innings pitched on just eight hits, scoreless, with seven strikeouts and two walks. left He lowered his ERA to 0.00 and a whip of 1.24.

Encarnación and Martínez, winners

The Águilas Cibaeñas players, Jerar Encarnación and Carlos Martínez, received their respective trophies as MVP of the Week of the fourth award ceremony held on Monday, the seventh of this month. Encarnación and Martínez were awarded by the president of the Águilas, Victor Sued, who delivered the award. the Eco Trofeos awards that are made with recyclable materials.

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