The Licey celebrates its 115th anniversary

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  • The Licey celebrates its 115th anniversary

    The great cake to celebrate the 115th anniversary of the Licey. Behind them are a large part of the bulk of the players.

The 115th anniversary finds the Tigres del Licey in their best position in the standings, at least on one date festive, in a long time.

And what more than celebrating “all lungs”, when a record of 12-4 is exhibited, supported by a great command of offense and pitching in general as the one registered by the felines in this first stretch from the regular series.

Even, and in the opinion of its president, Ricardo Ravelo, “This represents the best birthday that we will have in the Licey in a very long time and the most important thing has been an enormous amount of work to make it happen this way.” he expresses with a broad smile, after being approached by Listín Diario.

And as he adds, he will continue to talk. Thus, this team will be strengthened. and we will spare no effort to achieve the pennant & rdquo ;, he added. about the most historic franchise of Dominican baseball, but which is currently suffering its longest drought without raising a crown: Six years.

 “I really don't remember the last time we had such an impressive record at the arrival of an anniversary date and what better way to celebrate the arrival of another birthday with our thousands of followers? ;s with the page that we currently exhibit & rdquo ;, added Ravelo, on the mark of the so-called Glorioso.

A combined work in all areas, Baseball Operations, marketing, finance,  modernization of the clubhouses, which included; the construction of a gymnasium, as well such as great communication between executives and ballplayers have paid off immediately for the benefit of the Licey.

The team

With a squad that in The offense has been led by youngsters Ronny Mauricio and Elly De la Cruz. last night at the forefront in offensive average with .260 (585-152), dominates in triples with 10, doubles 31; towed 88; tickets 70.

While in pitching they exhibit the best ERA with 2.14 and their pitching entered Last night as the only one who hasn't had 100 hits.

Who's coming and who's leaving

Although it's not your area, but Ravelo revealed that Tristan Casas, who left for being hurt, after three shocks of action it will return to the game. probably in a week. Two new launchers have already been integrated.

However, Jaquec Jones, a relief pitcher, left After seeing his contract fulfilled, Charles LeBlanc also flew back. to the United States.

A praise for Mrs. Mercedes Elmúdesi

The 115th celebration of the Licey took A special dedication to Mrs. Mercedes Elmúdesi, widow of Don José; Miguel Fernández, who in the periods 1995-97 was president of the team and mother of Miguel Angel Fernández, current treasurer of the club.

The Lady. She has been linked to the Licey Athletic Club for 80 years and currently she directs the women's branch of the team.

In her honor, the blue board gave her the ó; a plaque of recognition and made The symbolic pitching, which was received by his son Fernández.

After this formal act there was a batch of photographs in which the board took photos with the extensive cake.< /p>

Since it started Towards evening the first hundreds of Licey supporters began to arrive at the park, almost all of them exhibiting some type of garment alluding to the group and they immediately turned around.

Each one of those who entered the stadium was given A piece of biscuit was served, a toast of beer and rum was made, while another large group was given a drink. coffee. There were raffles, gifts

At the end of the game a party was scheduled with the Monchy and Capricho orchestra, as with the urban artist Secrets.

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