The Liberal Party of Quebec in search of identity

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The Liberal Party of Québec in search of identity

Graham Hughes The Canadian Press The party obtained only 14% of the votes in the last election.

What does it mean to be a Liberal in Quebec in 2023? This is one of the questions to be answered by the committee on the revival of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), which will aim to redefine the identity of the political party.

The committee will be composed of 14 members, including former journalist and former senator André Pratte. He will co-chair the committee with Liberal MP Madwa-Nika Cadet.

We will also find former ministers Pierre Arcand, Geoffrey Kelley, Lucie Charlebois and Jean D'Amours.

Antoine Dionne -Charest, the son of the former Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, will also participate in the exercise.

The committee will travel across Quebec until September 2023 to meet party activists in the different regions of Quebec.

The committee's report will be submitted to the members of the PLQ during a general council at the Fall 2023.

The situation is difficult for the QLP. The party got just 14% of the vote in the last election. Its level of support among Francophones is anemic.

The political party has just lost the riding of Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne – a strong Liberal castle since its creation in 1992 – to Québec solidaire ( QS).

Questions the committee will have to answer:

– What does it mean to be a Liberal in Quebec in 2023?

– What is the place of the Liberal Party of Quebec on the new political spectrum?

– What are the principles that define 21st century liberalism and which the Liberal Party of Quebec should inspire and promote?

– How can these principles be translated into concrete guidelines in order to meet the aspirations of Quebecers?