The LG GX is the best OLED TV for movie lovers

The LG GX is the best OLED TV for movie lovers

Its contrast is unmatched, it is compatible with Dolby Vision, it is a pleasure to use its controller with motion control and includes improvements for those who want to play the next generation consoles

The LG GX is the best OLED TV for movie lovers

Choosing a TV in 2020 is easy: none really disappoints and, from the 700 euro barrier, all the additions are a luxury for those looking for more contrast, better response in video games or larger than normal.

On this last scale of the most of the most, I can say that there are few televisions currently on the market that can compete with what the LG OLED GX offers, which we have tested in its 55-inch size. A perfect contrast, compatibility with all current streaming services, and is even up-to-date for the PS5 and Xbox Series X launching in November.

The LG OLED GX screams 'I'm worth 2,000 euros' everywhere. Right out of the box you notice that it is a high-end TV that I could not afford if LG did not lend me 15 days for work. These two weeks are more than enough time to validate many of the promises of the South Korean company and to clarify many others.

The LG GX is the best OLED TV for movie lovers

It's still an OLED TV, so yeah, it's going to have a great contrast, but it's still going to be difficult to take advantage of if you have a large window in the living room and you want to watch a dark movie at 3:00 p.m. you can take a nap. But if you watch TV as it should be seen, that is, in the dark and imitating as much as possible a movie theater of those that you long for from the times before The Pandemic, this television is something from another world.


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OLED is a technology that, roughly speaking, is summarized in that the panel of the television that illuminates each pixel (of the millions it has) is 'organic' and illuminates one by one, which allows to achieve a color and precision in the contrast impossible in the QLED, but it involves dangers such as the image being burned with the time of use.

The QLED is the technology of the competition, mainly from Samsung, which opts to light more traditionally by areas that turn on and off as needed, which does not allow as much contrast as OLED and creates 'halos' between illuminated areas and off areas. Of course, it offers more brightness in general, so it is usually better in non-optimal viewing circumstances, that is, with the blinds up and at 3:00 p.m. of a hellish summer.

Which is better? None, it all depends on the TV model and how you consume the TV. I already told you that none of them makes Sálvame or the news better look better.

That said, the LG GX 55 is worth what it costs: its design barely shows frames, it is slim, it has four HDMI 2.1 inputs (for consoles, as I said before), one of them with eARC to connect better sound bars and even its The wall mounting system is more sophisticated, allowing it to be hung with an official bracket very close to the wall, with hardly any margin.

Come on, it has no drawbacks as a television once you accept that because it is OLED it faces the usual problems and that to hear things well you will need a sound bar, like 99% of current flat TVs. Its problems are common to all televisions of this type, which is why the most expensive have a sound bar included in the package and added to the price.

The LG GX is the best OLED TV for movie lovers

You use Netflix, HBO, Disney + or even Filmin, the image quality is obvious regardless of the type of movie or series and even if it is played at 4K or lower resolution. The contrast is precise and the colors rich, especially if you use HDR or Dolby Vision formats of which most of these services include.

I must say that I am not a friend of the artifacts and effects that all modern TVs include, not only the LG GX, but the 'filmaker' mode, or film director, which now includes this model disables all of them and achieves that experience viewing is much better, more authentic and almost celoluid. With its 55 inches and my tiny living room, the cinema experience is assured, that of course.

Some of these improvements may be useful to view content with less quality, that is, traditional DTT television, which continues to be broadcast in painful quality and that on these televisions looks just as bad as on a tube TV. But generally artificially increasing the refresh rate, resolution, contrast, or even resolution is not the best idea.

The LG GX is the best OLED TV for movie lovers

But this is a 2,000-euro television: you have to take advantage of it by watching content in 4K, with HDR and after calibrating the television, because although it is calibrated at the factory, it is more advisable to follow the advice of websites such as RTings, who make a living from doing these calibrations and to leave the televisions the best possible.

I've tried watching The Witcher on Netflix, Mad Max on an AppleTV, Friends on Amazon Prime Video and Blade Runner 2049 on a 4K BluRay. In all cases, the result is perfect: crisp colors, beautiful scenes in which the contrast of black over other colors was amazing and in which even low-quality content, such as Friends, was rescaled very precisely and without being they will notice the years too much. Not all old TV shows will look the same, but the ones that are on streaming platforms and treated digitally look scary.

Perhaps the only downside, and this is only possible due to a comparative injury to a Samsung QLED, is that the maximum brightness is never that blinding. Even in HDR content, where the contrast between black areas and very bright areas is supposed to be used the most, the LG GX achieves such powerful results. I do not consider it a serious failure, be that as it may, since color accuracy is as important as maximum brightness, and in this sense, this TV is ideal.

Another point in favor of the LG GX is that it is very well adapted to video games, something in which the OLEDs of the past did not shine so much because it was difficult to achieve low response times on the panels. This is a thing of the past and it is possible to play at 120hz on an Xbox One X with almost no lag and with response times worthy of a computer monitor. If to this is added the compatibility with Nvidia's G-Sync technology, this TV can well be used to connect a powerful gaming equipment and play from the sofa.

The LG GX is the best OLED TV for movie lovers

If you play video games, yes, be very careful with the menus and long games. Keeping a fixed image (such as a character's life or a weapon icon) on an OLED TV can present problems in the medium term. The dreaded OLED burnout, which unfortunately will always be a problem with this technology.

I doubt very much that with a varied use of this television you will never burn anything, but if your partner or your parents or your roommates watch TV for many hours without changing the channel, you may end up with the logo of some channel permanently ' tattooed 'on the screen in two or three years. The LG GX has several options to prevent this from happening and I recommend always activating them all.

Finding them is not easy, as LG has not improved much in the layout and design of its television menus. To find the installed apps, all good, there WebOS is still an agile and beautiful operating system, although it has been with a very similar design for years that would not hurt to update.

The LG GX is the best OLED TV for movie lovers

But to find something specific, like options to reduce OLED burnout, you're going to have to do a lot of exploring. It is a pity that how well the remote included with the television works, which handles like a Wii remote, with movement control, leads to frustrations due to the hierarchical hierarchy and lack of order of the interface.

When you have to move through Amazon Prime Video, however, that's when you realize that using a mouse pointer is much better than going icon by icon as it happens with the controls of other manufacturers. I wish they more imitated this idea from LG, because it really makes life easier.

In short, the LG OLED GX is a near-perfect TV that is also ready for tomorrow's technologies thanks to HDMI 2.1 connectivity. Until 8K technology takes hold in a few years, this TV is going to be one of the best you can have in your living room. And by the time we see things in 8K on Netflix and company, you're probably already thinking of buying another TV, so I wouldn't even worry about this.

LG has been making flawless OLED televisions for years and it is increasingly difficult for them to introduce improvements, but this year they have managed, on the one hand, to maintain an enviable image quality and to introduce all the standards that modern consoles will ask for to play games. the last one in it is possible for at least the next seven years.

If you are looking for a high-end OLED TV that can last you a decade at full capacity, I have it clear.

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