The letter week of the elections begins – the chairmen of the 6 largest parties clash in Iltalehti's exam at 5 p.m.

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Today there will be an hour and a half of live talk about the economy, security and health.

The letter week of the elections starts – Iltalehti testä at 5 p.m. the chairmen of the 6 biggest parties will get together

Maria Ohisalo ( vihr), Annika Saarikko (center), Petteri Orpo (kok), Riikka Purra (ps), Sanna Marin (sd) and Jussi Saramo (left) will participate in the IL exam on Monday. Photos: Outi Järvinen, Saramon photo: Arttu Laitalaelli.harju@iltalehti.fiToday at 9:10 (edited at 11:58)

The letter week of the election starts – Iltalehti's testä at 5 p.m. the chairmen of the 6 largest parties will clash

The last campaign week of the parliamentary elections begins in an exciting atmosphere. The three largest parties, the coalition, Perussuomalaiset and SDP, are so close to each other in support forecasts that basically anything is still possible.

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Behind the top three there is also a fierce campaign for the souls of the voters. The center is working hard in the provinces, the Greens are forcefully attracting their supporters who have sneaked behind the SDP and so on.

In Iltalehti's live election test on Monday from 17:00 to 18:30, the chairmen of the six largest parties will face Sanna Marin (sd), Riikka Purra (ps), Petteri Orpo (cook), Annikka Saarikko (center), Maria Ohisalo (green) and parliamentary group chairman Jussi Saramo from the left coalition. The chairman of the Left Alliance Li Andersson canceled his visit due to illness.

In addition to the live broadcast, the best parts of the exam can be seen as video clips on Iltalehti's website. The website also offers comprehensive live monitoring of the exam and the legendary Lions and Sheep exam review. The content of the exam is of course also prominently featured in Iltalehti's Tuesday print edition.

The exam is presented by Kreeta Karvala and Juha Ristamäki from Iltalehti's politics department. p>

The election letter week begins – Iltalehti's testä at 5 p.m. the chairmen of the 6 largest parties will clash

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