The legendary Acura NSX sports car can turn around in front of an electric car

The legendary Acura NSX sports car can turn around in front of an electric car

For the beginning of 2022, Honda has decided to take the sale of its iconic Acura NSX supercar to a friend of a generation, releasing a special version of the Acura NSX Type S as a farewell. However, it remains to put an end to this popular model Japanese virobnik, it seems, does not work and you can restart yoga in a new look. John Ikeda, vice president and brand manager of Acura in America, hit the mark.

Legendary Acura NSX sports car can turn in front of an electric car

If the authors of the Nikkei Asia have asked the top manager of Acura about the possibility of the exit of the third generation NSX, they have declared that they should work on the bet. Vіn having added that it is better for everything to be electric. Truthfully, I've found out that the praise for the decision to continue the Acura NSX series is not in my competence. For this reason, the current president and chief executive director of Honda, Tosihiro Mibe.

For some kind of tribute, the electric Acura NSX may appear on the market as early as 2026, if Honda to present its e:Architecture proprietary electrical platform. This electric car as a whole can become one of the main symbols of the Honda movement in the Far East and the transition to the “green” side.

It is necessary to show that Honda stands out from the competition in terms of electrification of the model range. While other manufacturers are actively expanding the range of electric cars, Honda is only getting ready to present its first electric car. There will be a Honda Prologue crossover on the GM Ultium platform, which will appear on the market in 2024.