The leader of the group ONUKA Nata Zhizhchenko about the tour in China, the creative tandem with Evgeny Filatov and self-doubt

Nata zhyzhchenko gave an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle

The leader of the Ukrainian identity groups ONUKA Nata zhyzhchenko in an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle told about the tour in China, the difference in mentality with Asia, and openly admitted that her life is not complete without the depression and self-doubt.

Listen to the interview with the leader of the group ONUKA Nata zhyzhchenko:

At the end of August in a press there were numerous articles about what ONUKA leave the country. In fact, you went on tour to China. What surprised me there and what experience back home?

We have the media love to make scandalous headlines. And everyone knows about it. One resource wrote, and all the others caught the wave. We went on our first tour in Asia. We had three concerts in Guangzhou, Tianjin and at the International festival of youth. But the festival is an understatement, because the scale of the event is staggering! We at the recital was 1800 people is a full house. Tickets are impossible to buy because they all sold out in advance. Even people from the Ukrainian Diaspora could not find tickets. Totally different working system of the organization of performances in China than in the us.

Лидер группы ONUKA Ната Жижченко - о гастролях в Китае, творческом тандеме с Евгением Филатовым и сомнениях в себе

Nata zhyzhchenko in an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle

They have a lot of locations that built the state. The query people have, and the local content is small, so borrowed music from other countries. People are waiting for the performances of foreign artists and the problems with filling the halls there. There is such a moment they have the policy of the party. It will be displayed in our negotiations before the trip to China. It’s very long and decisions are made exclusively through the Ministry of culture of China. It is impossible to organize a speech using a private contractor or organizer. Our texts were…

In English or Chinese language?

First – from Ukrainian language into English and then into Chinese! They translated all our songs so that listeners can understand what we sing. On the side screens during our performances have been broadcast subtitles. Track list – songs list – the Ministry of China argued for half a year before our trip. To change the order of execution is strictly prohibited.

When I came there, did not expect such a vigilant control. Everything is very strictly according to regulations.

And how were you received by the audience?

Very warm. New audience – new reaction. It was very interesting. In China, spectators are prohibited loud to show their emotions during the concert and even take video of the performer. In the audience are observers who are using a laser pointer show on your phone – this is the first warning. For the second time, the gadget is confiscated for the duration of the concert. Such rules sometimes resembled a summer camp and the Soviet Union. But it was interesting to plunge into such an atmosphere.

Лидер группы ONUKA Ната Жижченко - о гастролях в Китае, творческом тандеме с Евгением Филатовым и сомнениях в себе

Interview with the leader of the group ONUKA

But still, the reaction from the audience was positive, they got up and gave a standing ovation. Representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora was not enough – 5-10% of the total number of local. I was warned that reception can be cold – the audience may not applaud and be silent. Moreover, their mentality allows you to whistle in case the performance did not like. We were ready for anything and was very excited! Sound check lasted 9-10 hours. We have slept until the connected equipment.

Why so long?

The Chinese bought for us specially in the shop equipment, because they have no such rider and such equipment. An interesting moment was when our sound engineer adjusted the sound all hooked up, and they ran the whole process in the video took off. Because never seen this before and tried our guys have to learn something.

It’s both funny and scary. Especially at the soundcheck. To all difficulties was added the point that there is almost no English speaks. But we did, because professionalism is already at a high level. However, the stress got enormous.

You had to get out of the comfort zone, as the group ONUKA used to work with the organizers-the professionals?

I think many will agree with me colleagues in Ukraine, this market is extremely developed. And how we employ technical service, even in Europe, not everywhere. The Ukrainian team work very quickly. And for the touring artist the most important – quality sound from the stage. Moreover, with such a set of instruments that we have. Job number one is to submit high-quality sound.

A huge number of tours has prepared our group to any difficulties or force majeure. And China has become a kind of exam which we passed.

What is most impressive in China?

Location. When we arrived to the first room, was stupefied. It was the theater, which was designed by architect Zaha Hadid. To go there – it is a moment of ecstasy! From the point of view of logistics cleverly thought-out dressing room. We were in the small and in the large hall. It is a great honor for us.

And struck by the timing! Everything should be on time. The concert was announced at 19:30 but a lot of people came and not everyone could go to the gym. The organizer tells us about the delay of the concert for three minutes, that is, beginning at 19:33. In Kiev is not so, because the throughput capacity of sites is technically weak. We can’t start on time because most of the viewers will get only half of the concert. There are cases when the delay of the concert – request from the site on which we stand.

Лидер группы ONUKA Ната Жижченко - о гастролях в Китае, творческом тандеме с Евгением Филатовым и сомнениях в себе

Ukrainian singer Nata zhyzhchenko

I always worried about, so we try to register the exact time of appearance on stage. More than an hour, our band concert was not detained. Unfortunately, in our country there are conditions that you can’t fight.

You are a punctual person?

Yes, and it was passed to me from my mom. It is considered a lifetime, if you’re not 10 minutes early, you’re late. Actually is a German etiquette. Punctuality mom passed on not only to me but to my brother. It has its disadvantages. I have such a thing as a biological clock. I can Wake up two minutes before your alarm, even if you slept for two hours.

Yes, I may be late because of traffic jams. Anything can happen. But in working time I try to be on time. I believe that it is primarily respect. I karmically lucky with Eugene (husband), who has no sense of time. When he works at the Studio, not watching the time. But I was already used to it, I feel comfortable. We have a tandem, I will Orient at the time, and it is under the timing customise my creative energy.

I understand that creative people are perceived chaotic personalities, but it’s not about me. I am a highly organized person and timing for me in the first place. Here’s my secret to success.

You have in the Arsenal a set of ethnic instruments, which the Chinese just did not see. What have been the reaction?

Of course, they were interested in. Their people love everything what is not in China. They are more interested in our appearance and costumes. For them, the people with blond hair and blue eyes, the deity. In night clubs they bring in for the money of the Europeans, so they just sat there. The school that raises the rating.

Лидер группы ONUKA Ната Жижченко - о гастролях в Китае, творческом тандеме с Евгением Филатовым и сомнениях в себе


As for musical instruments, they are fascinated by the bull. Bandura and dulcimer similar to the Chinese instruments. In our case the original get the string sound combined with electronic music. Most Chinese audience liked the song “Misto” and “1986”.

Suffer from procrastination? How often save things for “later”?

I’m on every day prescribe a list of cases and it happens that carry points to the next. And I have my own system plans for the year, month, week and each day. Not prescribing anything only during the holidays.

What are the points in your diary are marked with a check must have?

Walk the dog, practice yoga in the morning – a glass of water and a short meditation, performing vocal exercises, breathing techniques. Several times a week I coach do in the gym, where, besides me, Eugene and dogs, no one.

How do you recover after a hard day’s work?

It is not always possible. But for this I have a pet dog PIF. When I come home and take him in my arms, feel like away from me the negative energy. It’s such a pure love! You know how much happiness it brings you is a small creature. I love animals, especially dogs.

Лидер группы ONUKA Ната Жижченко - о гастролях в Китае, творческом тандеме с Евгением Филатовым и сомнениях в себе

The dog of the singer Bang

You also said that the best way to relax is to drive a car. How many songs have you written driving?

Yes, it really is like to drive your car. The song “Misto” was written when I was driving around town. It happens that the melody itself humming, and then harmony shows up.

Actually, a lot of singles or motive to them was born when I was driving.

Originally you wanted to release the song “TSE my Misto”, which later became a hit?

Yeah, I doubt it. More and Lesya Patoka (Ukrainian costume designer) has confirmed my doubts. I originally wanted to release a single in English, but Eugene is still working on the Ukrainian version. The lyrics and the motive so many times altered, Eugene even the accent is not liked in some places. He kept saying, “This isn’t so.” And I have now no explanation why the song became a hit.

Лидер группы ONUKA Ната Жижченко - о гастролях в Китае, творческом тандеме с Евгением Филатовым и сомнениях в себе

Visiting Today.Lifestyle Nata Zhyzhchenko

As for the song “Walk”, I took the risk. She does not like the previous singles. Why in the text there are verbs-infinitives? I was interested to experiment with the phenomenon of the English language and see will not be lost if the meaning of the text, if there are infinitives. To broadcast this song in different ways and I don’t really like to explain the meaning of his work, songs. Believe that the more riddles, the more it made sense. Each person can find in varying composition something.

9 Dec released a new video for the song ZENIT. Could you tell us more about the creation of songs and costumes.

When we wrote this song, I wanted to move away from social and political messages. Because the album was MOZAЇKA semiotic, with many of the issues addressed. He was not musical, but more informative. I just wanted to make a song in the format of old carols or stoneflies with a motif that was humming would Hutsul children’s ensemble. But with a modern twist.

Here we have had the idea and when we started writing the song, we in Chernihiv got the records of my grandfather. It’s called the musicians music. Records date back to 1960. Samples (sounds of instruments) was written in the Soviet era, but the quality is at the highest level.

These sounds were so steep that we used in our single ZENIT. This music I wanted to transfer a moment from childhood when the sounds magically make listeners forget about all the problems and merge with nature. I think we could make a light and cheerful music.

As for the costumes, in their creation helped Lesya Patoka – Ukrainian costume. The idea is quite simple – to show the fabulous picture of the Ukrainian world with a touch of mysticism. Some beings Wake up to the music and start dancing. All this we wanted to show with etnomotivy. Almost all images Les were made of components which were found at second-hand. Almost nothing was made from scratch. Each suit was made of a plurality of balls of tissue.

Лидер группы ONUKA Ната Жижченко - о гастролях в Китае, творческом тандеме с Евгением Филатовым и сомнениях в себе

Suit ONUKA for the video ZENIT

You advocate reasonable consumption and are struggling in our country with the problems of ecology?

ONUKA group together with the NGO “Ukraine without smittya” initiative ECOSTRUM. We shot a video for the song STRUM at one landfill near Kiev. All proceeds from the monetization of the new video posted on the YouTube channel, directed social organization.

I really believe that we can drown in our own garbage. This surrealist painting and displayed in the clip. I personally sorted the garbage and at first glance it seems that this is difficult. Sorting the garbage, you clearly understand that you buy in the store. Everyone has packages, but I don’t have. The bag is the most convenient packaging. In the dressing room after we remove himself and hand over plastic for recycling.

Лидер группы ONUKA Ната Жижченко - о гастролях в Китае, творческом тандеме с Евгением Филатовым и сомнениях в себе

The leader of the group ONUKA Nata zhyzhchenko

You read comments in social networks? How about the criticism?

Unfortunately, I have a bad syndrome does not perceive the good comments, but very much focus on the bad. So the comments I do not read. However, sometimes I read in Instagram, because I’m your account.

In the first 30 minutes after the release of the single I can see the General trend on the YouTube channel, and then the same thing was passed on to PR. There are very sincere and deep reviews. It’s nice and saves me from the depressing sensations. I often doubt in themselves and in what I do. In General, doubt is my constant.

If I see a pure Haight, do not pay attention to it. Just a pity that in modern society a negative review – a tool for the manifestation of his personality and self-assertion, self-realization. Constructive criticism I listen, take note of the comments regarding my performances.

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