The launch of the OSAGO policy with an extension to Belarus is possible in the 2nd quarter of 2023 - the head of the VSS From IFX

The launch of the OSAGO policy with the expansion of insurance coverage for trips to Belarus for Russian car owners is possible “based on the results of the first quarter” of 2023, the concept has been developed and approved, President of the All-Russian Union of Insurers (VSS) Evgeny Ufimtsev said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta. In addition, according to him, insurers are ready to participate in the project of checking OSAGO policies on the roads through security cameras and consider it timely to increase fines for driving without them.

“Now the documents that are necessary for the implementation of this initiative are being developed (OSAGO policies with an extension to Belarus). At the first stage, it was proposed to use the green card mechanism. So the launch of this mechanism is quite realistic in early 2023, albeit maybe not from the first months, but according to the results of the first quarter. A Russian who concludes an annual OSAGO agreement will be able to include an extension to Belarus as an additional option if he wishes. The tariff will be determined and agreed with the Bank of Russia. Now, unfortunately, there is none, but we are calculating we are conducting and we will prepare our proposal for the Central Bank,” Ufimtsev said.

Belarusian drivers, according to him, will also be able to buy “their own” OSAGO policy, which will include the extension of the “green card” to the territory of Russia. “Now it was easiest to start this process with Belarus in terms of synchronizing legislation. But later the question arose of extending this practice to other countries: to Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan,” the President of the ARIA explained.

< p>He also said that from the first months of 2023, Russian insurers expect to “implement the launch of a full-scale system for checking the availability of OSAGO policies using cameras.” According to him, the modernization and refinement of the FIS traffic police information system has been completed, and the insurers, together with the state inspection, have prepared a new flowchart to implement the possibility of checking the presence of an OSAGO policy using cameras. “Our information system has become more stable, which has reduced the number of errors,” said Ufimtsev.

At the same time, he is convinced that the time has come to increase the fine for drivers for participating in traffic without an OSAGO policy. “For almost 18 years the law has been in operation, the CMTPL penalty has not changed. The price of the policy has increased, the cost of cars has increased, the cost of gasoline has increased, everything has increased, but the fine remains unchanged – 800 rubles. Therefore, we propose to increase it. To those people who they don’t insure their liability, they don’t buy an OSAGO policy, they don’t fulfill their obligation, it would be expensive,” the head of the ARIA argued his position.

Ufimtsev was elected president of the ARIA, as well as the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RUA) and of the National Union of Liability Insurers (NULI) at the general meetings of these organizations at the end of November 2022 unanimously.


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