The latest and shocking images of the sun captured by NASA

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The latest and impressive images of the sun captured by NASA

The NASA has published a video captured by its telescopes that has surprised even specialists in space weather. It is a solar prominence. That is, from a giant filament of plasma that separated from itself. the sun but continued It anchored to its surface and turned around. around its north pole.

Similar events are expected to continue for years to come. Proof of this is that, a few days after this solar prominence, the sun continued. cold plasma forming at the solar pole. From the type of eruption shown in the video, we are expected to see its peak in 2025.

On Saturday, February 10, there was also an X-class solar flare. It left the sun's surface and became a planet. in a vortex. Something that yes which is more common and which usually occurs every 11 years. left South America with a temporary radio blackout.