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The last union affiliated to the FAE accepts at 50.58% the agreement concluded with Quebec

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Members of the Haute-Yamaska ​​Education Union (SEHY) have accepted the agreement in principle between Quebec and the FAE for the amount of 50.58%. (Archive photo.)


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The members of the Haute-Yamaska ​​Education Union (SEHY) narrowly accepted the agreement in principle between Quebec and the FAE to the tune of 50.58%. They therefore tip the scales and ensure that the agreement is ratified.

So far, four local unions affiliated with the FAE have accepted the agreement, while four others rejected it.

Despite the adoption of the agreement in principle, the result sends a clear message to the government: this agreement is not sufficient to meet the needs of teachers and their students, nevertheless indicates Sophie Veilleux, president of the SEHY, in a press release.

The 3,000 Estrie teachers from SEHY were the last to speak out.

For her part, Sonia LeBel, president of the Treasury Board, indicates in a written statement that she takes note of the result and emphasizes that it is a negotiated agreement that responds to important issues on both sides. other.

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We are improving services, working conditions, work organization and salaries.

A quote from Sonia LeBel, President of the Treasury Board

It is obvious that negotiation does not solve everything. We will build on the progress made to continue working on certain elements such as class composition, for example. We have heard the teachers' message, she continues.

Recall that the SEHY executive recommended that its members vote against this agreement . This provides for salary increases of 17.4% over five years, but it is generally the measures targeting class composition which give rise to discontent.

The FAE will also hold a press conference on Monday morning in Montreal, during which its president, Mélanie Hubert, will take stock of the state of the national negotiations.

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