The Last of Us: the grand finale is revealed in the teaser for episode 9

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Will The Last of Us Season 1 ending measure up? Episode 9 teaser promises an epic and heartbreaking conclusion.


After the huge success of House of the Dragon , HBO has struck again with The Last of Us which, in addition to attracting a rather crazy number of spectators each week, seems to have succeeded in its adaptation of the video game developed by Naughty Dog released in 2013 (and Left Behind DLC, released a year later). Of course, the series has had its share of controversies, but The Last of Us demonstrates its strength over the episodes and proves that Bella Ramsey is a perfect Ellie.

Continued from episode 8 of < strong>The Last of Us and its abominable snowmen, it's almost time to say goodbye. Episode 9 of the series will be the last and HBO has released a disturbing teaser, which juggles between the story of Joel and Ellie, and flashing flashbacks that promise to be heartbreaking.

If Troy Baker, the interpreter of Joel in the games, was given the role of James, David's second, in episode 8, episode 9 also calls on an interpreter well known to fans, and not the least. Indeed, actress Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie in The Last of Us, Left Behind and The Last of Us Part II, will make an appearancein this final episode as Anna, Ellie's mother. She is discovered pregnant, most likely Ellie, and judging by the teaser, she doesn't seem to have had a dream birth.

In addition to this nod to the games, a flashback to Ellie's birth might reveal more about the character's uniqueness. But this last episode will not be just a flashback since we should also follow our two main characters who are getting back on the road after the turbulent events of the previous episode. As usual, the path should still be perilous, but will they finally arrive at their destination? The teaser obviously leaves room for doubt.

The episode name, “Seek the Light” could indicate that the duo finally succeeded in achieving his goal, finding the Fireflies, but he could also mislead us. Like the previous episode, this one is directed by Ali Abbasi, who recently stood out for his thriller The Nights of Mashhad, presented in official competition at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Will the final episode live up to viewers' expectations? Answer Monday, March 13, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.