The last minute signing that fuels suspicions against PSG

The last minute signing that fuels suspicions against PSG

The Parisians repeat with Danilo Pereira the controversial formula that allowed them to circumvent the financial 'fair-play' in the signing of Mbappé.

The last minute signing that fuels suspicions against PSG

“He realized that it was his last chance to jump in and make money. That was his reason for leaving. Everything else is talk. In this way, Pinto da Costa , president of Porto, settled the departure of Danilo Pereira to PSG. The 29-year-old midfielder, one of the mainstays of Fernando Santos' team against Spain today, will play on loan until the end of the season at the Parque de los Príncipes. However, to fully understand this operation, the words of the veteran Portuguese leader, one of the toughest negotiators in European football, are not enough.

Everything was closed on Monday, a few hours before the market closed. Thomas Tuchel , whose future is still hanging by a thread in Paris, reinforced his core with Pereira, a sought-after defensive specialist, and Rafinha Alcántara , whose talent is as inordinate as it is indecipherable. Barcelona would receive three million euros in variables, but the deal with Porto would go a few steps further. It was a transfer camouflaged as an assignment. A dribble to the crisis and the obligations of financial fair play .

Yesterday, the newspaper O Jogo offered juicy details of the agreement, which includes four million euros for Porto for the loan until the end of the season. As of June 30, 2021, PSG must pay 16 million more. This buyback option will be automatically exercised if the current French champion secures at least the second league place. And that possibility seems more than plausible for the dominator of six of the last seven editions of Ligue 1. Even in these critical moments, with an open war within his organization chart.

Summer 2017

Tuchel must understand the current delicate situation. We have entered 100 million less and we also have financial fair-play , ” Leonardo de Araujo , sports director, warned on Saturday. Fed up with the requests of his coach, the Brazilian executive was forced to another of his famous last minute solutions.

With Danilo Pereira he was going to repeat the formula that allowed him to sign his biggest star. It was in the summer of 2017, when he dodged the financial fair play , agreeing with Monaco a transfer with a mandatory purchase option. The first payment for Kylian Mbappé was estimated at 20 million. The second, in 180.

Lorenz's role

The controversy that arose at the time forced FIFA to limit the number of players over the age of 22 that could be loaned to six per season. In any case, businessmen such as Pinto da Costa, Nasser Al-Khelaifi , the owner of PSG, or Daniel Lorenz , Pereira's agent, continue to benefit from the legal loopholes.

Together they closed this win-win-win , a total three-way success. PSG reinforces its squad and balances its balance sheets before the permanent control of FIFA; Porto makes cash for a footballer who had already reiterated his desire to leave; and Lorenz achieves a succulent contract in June until 2025. The young lawyer has already personally handled José Mourinho's affairs upon his arrival at Tottenham last November. With such steps forward, Lorenz seems to challenge Jorge Mendes himself , collaborator of The Special One since his time in O Dragao.

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