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The Last Breath: after Sous la Seine, discover this new shark film (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

Who says summer, says shark films. This genre is still so popular; Fashion has, every year, a particular craze during the summer periods. After the recent Sous la Seine, discover The Last Breath.

The Last Breath: after Sous la Seine, discover this new shark film (video)

Shark films

Jaws, In Troubled Waters, Sharknado, Blue Scare, Survival Instinct, shark films abound in the history of the seventh art. Horror films, mainstream entertainment, comedies, the shark film has entered the world. almost everywhere in the audiovisual landscape since Jaws in 1975.

The Last Breath: after Under the Seine, discover this new shark film (video o)

Recently, French cinema has also monopolized its popularity. genre. In 2022, the Boukherma brothers, who distinguished themselves with Teddy (2020), their wolf- were, sign The Year of the Shark, the very first shark film in the history of French cinema. More oriented towards comedy, the feature film had largely divided audiences. the opinions. Since then, Xavier Gens has also launched his career. in the shark film with the recent Under the Seine, released a few weeks ago on Netflix. While the té is finally here our doors, the shark film also still has things to offer; tell. The proof with The Last Breath, of which we already have the first trailer.

What is The Last Breath?

Directed by by Joachim Hedén, àgrave; who we already owe 10,000 Hours and Breaking Surface, The Last Breath is this summer's new shark movie. Taken By Julian Sands, Alexander Arnold, and Kim Spearman, the story tells how a group of old college friends become friends with each other. come together for a journey dominated by nature. by scuba diving in the Caribbean. While they want to explore the wreck of a battleship, of the Second World War, they find themselves grappling with particularly bellicose great white sharks.

The Last Breath: after Under the Seine, discover this new shark film (video o)

Joachim Hedén seems to want to play on a claustrophobic atmosphere in a particularly distressing underwater camera”. The first trailer promises some welcome bouts of violence, and constant tension. The aesthetic and atmosphere are easily reminiscent of the pleasant 47 Meters Down, released in 2017. The Last Breath< /em> is expected on July 26in American cinemas but does not yet have a release date in France. We leave you with these first images.

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