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The Kremlin is afraid of the new wave of mobilization and wants to make do with contract workers, – Bloomberg

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

The Kremlin is afraid of the new wave of mobility and wants to make do with contract workers, – Bloomberg

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Russian authorities plan to introduce a new wave of mobilization, instead of recruiting contract workers. About this informed Bloomberg on sent to Dzherela. the Kremlin does not want to repeat the situation in the fall of 2022, if through the stunned “private” As many as a million people have left Russia due to mobilization.

Russian authorities are planning not to carry out a new mobilization while they have the opportunity to disappear.

Gerela Bloomberg respects o The Russian Ministry of Defense is also responsible for the signing of the contract by a portion of the line workers. This spring, 150 thousand Russians, up to 30 years old, will be called up for military service.

For the current strategic purposes of Russia, additional military forces for the recruitment of contract soldiers may be withdrawn , analysts respect. Russian authorities have placed their bets on a steady influx of new troops, and not on a one-time acquisition of up to 300 thousand people.

BAGNET we guess, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said earlier that Russia plans to 1 ruble new mobilization to call up to 300 thousand. people.

Earlier, Shoigu stated that the number of armed forces of the Russian Federation must be increased to 1.5 million people, including the number of contract servicemen – up to 695 thousand.

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Natasha Kumar

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