The Juventus player made statements from the concentration of the Colombian National Team. 

The Juventus player made statements from the concentration of the Colombian National Team. 

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado joined the Colombian National Team with new goals, with a new desire to help the team recover of the blow of not going to Qatar and can be projected for the next World Cup event.

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From the concentration of the National Team in the United States, Cuadrado analyzed the new process that begins with DT Néstor Lorenzo.

Present:“Every day we have to convince ourselves more of the talent that Colombia has, it starts from there, knowing that we are winners and if you think about it, it makes me a little sad because seeing the talent that there is in Colombia, you don't participate in the World Cup, but always It's an apprenticeship. We have to start from there, to play each game with the new hope of being in a new World Cup and fighting for the Copa América because we really have a great team with great players,” Cuadrado told Gol Caracol.

Experienced:“There is always a need for experienced players who can contribute to the group not only in terms of football but also within the team and what is a Copa America, a World Cup qualifier, a World Cup, and I think that is very important in each team. Obviously the leading players, they should not be given anything for free, they have to work and earn a position to beat the team because there are young players who come, want to be there and contribute. I am one of those who thinks that the experienced player should be there and obviously earn his position.”

The Juventus player gave statements from the concentration of the Colombian National Team.&nbsp;

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James and Falcao:“In the way of playing, have a pause. Because sometimes when there are young teams you always want to go, and at some point we need that pause, that leader like Falcao or James who manage situations, and not only in the The field of play but also off it. The experience that each one acquires in the different parts of the world where they have been with their clubs is important, and it is important to be able to transfer everything here to the National Team and to the young players.” br>The new DT:“It's a plus because Néstor Lorenzo is well trained, he knows us very well, he knows which position each player likes and where he feels comfortable. I think it's important for each one of us, plus with the experience he has I think he can contribute great things to the National Team. We have full confidence in him, we are going to give it to him and hope that with God's help everything will turn out well.”

Call up: “Almost all who are here have the quality to make a difference, but it is in you, in your passion, intensity, sacrifice, the desire to earn a place in each training session and match, whether it is for five or ten minutes, it is having that hunger and not put on a roof. They all have an important quality, and if we combine that with work and the group, it will bring us a lot of benefit.”

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