The Joker: This is why his most famous nickname is a lie

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Of all of Batman’s enemies, the Joker is arguably the most popular with fans. A true madman and criminal genius, he embodies the complete antithesis of Bruce Wayne. Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix : this villain has been played in the cinema by talented actors, who each knew how to pay homage to him; their way. Also known as the Clown Prince of Crime, it turns out that this “title” is actually the Clown Prince of Crime. a lie… We explain why!

The Joker: This is why his most famous nickname is a lie

the joker, Clown Prince of Crime, really?

The answer comes from a comic book called; The Joker: The Man Who Quit to laugh #2, written and drawn by Matthew Rosenberg and Francesco Francavilla. We discover howthe villain fakes his death and organizes a fake funeral,in order to find out what his colleagues really think of him. Indeed, after seeing summer hit by the Batmobile and badly injured, people laughed at him, which angered him. His sidekick pointed out to him that it's his job to make people laugh, however. to which the Joker replied that he wants to be laughed at with him, not at him. Weird for a clown, don't you think?

Emotionally and psychologically fragile, the Joker does not tolerate mockery very well. towards him, although he is supposed to to be a clown. Make the gallery laugh, dress ridiculously, make disorderly gestures, that's it! the very essence of what a clown is supposed to be. TO DO. The Joker wants people to laugh, but only on his terms and under his control, like a real sociopath. As you can see, his nickname of Clown Prince of Crime is badly chosen, this villain being far too touchy to ça…