The Japanese player, Naomi Osaka has become the highest paid athlete in history

Representing Japan Naomi Osaka has received the status of highest paid athletes in history. Over the past year, its revenues amounted to more than 34.7 million dollars, according to Forbes.

Японская теннисистка Наоми Осака стала самой высокооплачиваемой спортсменкой в истории

Due to specified as Osaka managed to beat the previous record set in 2015. While the title of the highest paid tennis player Maria Sharapova won because we were able to earn 29,7 million dollars. At the same time in the past four years, the title of the athlete with the most significant income was kept by American Serena Williams. If you do not take into account taxes, her earnings fluctuated at different times, from 19 million to $ 29 million.

Naomi Osaka is only 22 years old but she is already a winner of two tournaments held on the sidelines of the Grand slam. Simultaneously, the athlete received a championship in five WTA tournaments.

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