The Japanese have a chance to reach Russia through the Dikunian behavior in the swampy territories – Ambassador of Ukraine

The Japanese have a chance to reach Russia through the Dikunian behavior in the swampy territories – Ambassador of Ukraine

Japanese have a crush on Russia through dikunskaya behavior in swampy territories – Ambassador of Ukraine< /p> The experience of the hromada's thought is astonishing that 85 thousand Japanese people know about fashion in Ukraine and evaluate them correctly.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan Sergiy Korsunskyy said about this in an interview with “Radio NV” , transmitting Ukrіnform.

“Recently, an experiment was carried out on the hromada thought – 85 thousand Japanese people to speak and know about the good things in Ukraine and evaluate them correctly,” Korsunsky said.

Vyn, who was Zako Kilkіst Pubblekatsiy, he was tinnacked with a pacquic periode Viyni, Ale Ozda Uda Providni Agent Snow, Tasky Dazhe Bagato Rev. , everyone reminds”. Behind these words, the Japanese ZMI formulate their impressions of the streaming manner, they don’t write about the breakthrough, but inform that the front has stuck out a few kilometers.

“Ale, insanely, Japan is on our side… I see myself in contacts with outstanding people, members of the order, company leaders. Kozhen starts from what seems to be: “We are just choking on you. Such a spirit on the other hand is worthy of a name,” the ambassador announced.

The diplomat is also rozpovіv, that the Japanese have more respect not for the geopolitical aspects of the war, but for the butt of the zhorstokosti and dikunskoy behavior of the Russian zagarbniks near the timchas-covered regions.

“For the Japanese mentality, is it unreasonable, is it possible to be shy? War – if the armies are fighting, the military against the military, and why is the child of the room here, the yak (Russian occupiers – ed.) turned into a toilet? Why do you need work? The Japanese people are more sensitive in this plan, people stink at the same place, they react even more nasty, they are up to Russia, and those who create an estimate of 85 thousand square meters,” the diplomat said. Ukrainians in Japan are positive, as if about people, as if to wake up at the hour of war, they show the best kindness, such as mutual assistance, solidarity and support.

“Tobto, in principle, I respect that today there is sufficient recognition (about Ukraine – ed.) and in ZMI, and in suspenst,” Korsunsky pleaded. The ready -to -house tokio is the half -tout of all the all -time Piditrimki Ukrainian, the context of the context of the Rosiyskiy Zbroini aggressi.