The Japanese government has resigned

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Japanese government resigns

Illustrative photo from open sources

Japanese government&nbsp ;in its entirety submitted its resignation, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida accepted it. In the near future, the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers should be announced.

According to Japanese mass media, 11 out of 19 members of the Cabinet of Ministers will be replaced.&nbsp It is expected that there will be five women in the government, which will be the largest number in the entire history of Japan, reports Rodrobnosti. Secretary of the Cabinet of Japan Hirokazu Matsuno, who also retained his post.

70-year-old Yoko Kamikawa, who previously held the position of Minister of Justice three times, was appointed as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

In January, the Japanese authorities approved a strategy razvitiya strany. Fumio Kishida then announced the third turning point in the history of Japan over the last one and a half centuries. He named Russian aggression against Ukraine and security threats in Asia, originating from China and North Korea, as the main challenges, justifying record defense spending.< /p>

BAGNET reminds,  Ukraine and Japan have agreed to start negotiations on security guarantees.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga