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The Israeli army used for the first time in combat conditions a new fully automatic 155-mm howitzer 8×8 called “Thunder”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun11,2024

The Israeli army used for the first time in combat conditions a new fully automatic 155-mm howitzer 8×8 called "Grim"

Recently, the first combat sample of the new 155-mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer 8×8 of the Israeli army was completed – “Thunder”, which passed tests and initial firings. The new howitzer was immediately sent to support Israeli ground military operations.

“Thunder” — the first wheeled self-propelled howitzer capable of firing fully automatically without human contact. This new gun brings revolutionary capabilities to the battlefield – significantly increases the rate of fire, allows firing at a greater distance compared to the guns currently used by the IDF, provides independent and fast movement on roads and has high movement capabilities on rough terrain. The gun's automatic system optimizes its use, reduces the number of operators required and allows the commander to plan and control fire more effectively on a wider battlefield.

«The Thunder», developed by Elbit Defense Company, provides:

  • fire rate of 8 shots per minute, which was once unimaginable;
  • ability to fire different types of projectiles at a range of 40 km;
  • unlike the previous machines, which required a crew of seven people, "Thunder" only three are needed: the driver, the gunner for the close protection of the vehicle and the commander. This reduction in crew size not only increases efficiency, but also significantly reduces operating costs.

The transition to the new gun is good news for the artillery corps, as close interaction with maneuver brigades will change the way artillery is used on the battlefield in the future.

Artillery — it is the “last argument of kings” that allows for a reign of fire, the necessity of which is well proven in war. Thunder's firepower enables it to support maneuver forces with close and lethal support.

Thunder is part of augmentation processes for all ground fire systems, including missiles and remotely piloted aircraft systems, according to the IDF.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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