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The iPhone 16 Plus smartphone will be presented in 7 colors

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr11,2024

Smartphone iPhone 16 Plus will come in 7 colors

Apple's iPhone 16 Plus may come in seven colors, which are either based on the existing five colors in the standard iPhone 15 lineup, or reworked in a new version based on new rumors from China.

According to a leak from Fixed focus digital on Weibo, Apple's upcoming larger 6.7-inch iPhone 16 Plus model will come in the following colors compared to the colors currently available for the iPhone 15 Plus:

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iPhone 15 Plus (2023) iPhone 16 Plus (2024)
Blue Blue
Pink Pink
Yellow Yellow
Green Green
black black

The leaker didn't provide any additional context beyond the model name, so it's unclear whether the alleged color options are fully or partially exclusive to the iPhone 16 Plus, or whether they'll be available for both the iPhone 16 and and for its greater equivalent. Given that the two models are expected to be identical apart from the size difference, the latter possibility seems the most likely.

These are the first rumors of possible colors for the standard iPhone 16 models that we've received, and the leaker has an unverified history of accurate leaks, so the colors provided await confirmation from other sources before we can consider them correct.

What As for the iPhone 16 Pro models, it is rumored that they may come in new colors “Space Black”. and "rose" titanium. The Blue Titanium color, in which the iPhone 15 Pro models are currently available, will allegedly be removed from the iPhone 16 Pro line in favor of a new pink color. Meanwhile, Space Black, which is said to be similar to the iPhone 14 Pro color of the same name, will replace Black Titanium.

Natural and White Titanium colors are also rumored to be slightly different on the iPhone 16 Pro models. Natural titanium is said to be making a comeback, but with a grayer hue. Meanwhile, White Titanium will be more reminiscent of “silver-white”; a color that is also said to be similar to the silver version of the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 16 lineup is expected to be announced in the fall.

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