The IOC does not exclude cancellation of the Olympics in Tokyo

The international Olympic Committee does not preclude the cancellation of the Olympic games in Tokyo. On this occasion, voted for incumbent President Thomas Bach.

В МОК не исключают отмену Олимпиады в Токио

The Olympics in Tokyo were moved on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. It is not excluded that next year’s event also will take place. In this case, a decision will be made about the cancellation of sports competitions in the capital of Japan. Commenting on the situation, Thomas Bach pointed out that such a position is understandable, because it is impossible to hire 3-5 thousand people in the Committee. In addition, it is problematic every year to make changes in the sports calendar, because flash COVID-19 had to do in leading federations around the world. The representative of IOC stressed that athletes of uncertainty should not be.

Excludes Bach and the fact that OI in 2021 may be required to undertake a number of measures, including those relating to health. In particular, for some participants of the Olympiad may enter a temporary quarantine.

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