The invaders are taking “observers” from the Russian Federation to the pseudo-elections, the CNS

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Invaders take "observers" from the Russian Federation to pseudo-elections, – CNS

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Russians bring so-called “observers” from the Russian Federation to participate in illegal “elections” in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) of Ukraine. The Center of National Resistance (CNS) informs about this.

Russian “elections” it is a complete farce and propaganda imitation, where the result and even the turnout are known in advance. One of the main roles in this performance is played by the observers who were forcibly brought to the TOT from the Russian Federation by the Russians, because the locals refuse to participate in this show. 

It is noted that according to the Russian legislation public observers can to be only members of the public chamber – advisory body controlled by the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

These are the “public observers” from the Russian Federation and observe the “elections” on TOT, because the occupiers have just created local chambers and have not found enough people willing to go there.

Earlier BAGNET reported that in the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk region, the occupiers want to increase&nbsp and to accelerate the pace of mobilization with the help of the announced so-called “elections”.

We also wrote that the Russians threaten high school students in the occupied territories not to issue certificates if they do not receive Russian passports.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga