Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

The intrigue continues: Biden is slightly ahead of Trump

The current US President has significantly narrowed the gap or is ahead of Donald Trump in six of seven swing states.

As reported by Bloomberg, these are the results of a public opinion survey conducted monthly in collaboration between Bloomberg News and Morning Consult, showing an increase in Biden's rating in six of seven swing states. ;, where voting preferences periodically switch from the Republican candidate to the Democratic candidate and vice versa, while there are states that always vote for the candidate of the same party.

The results of this poll showed a better situation for Biden compared to previous ones for six months.

The mood in Wisconsin has changed significantly – Biden now leads Trump by one percentage point, after trailing him by four percentage points in February.

In Pennsylvania, Trump was ahead by six percentage points in February, and now his and Biden's support is tied at 45 %. They have the same equal indicators in Michigan.

In Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Trump is ahead of Biden, but the gap between them has narrowed. Only in the state of Georgia did Trump increase his lead over Biden.

It is still difficult to predict whether these results indicate a turnaround in Biden's favor, which will further strengthen, or whether voters' sympathies will again swing in the opposite direction.

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