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The interpreter of Sif discusses her future in the MCU and returns to Thor 4

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun24,2024

Actress Jaimie Alexander, who has played Sif in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since the first Thor, recently returned to her scenes Cuts from Thor: Love and Thunder. She also has her future within the MCU.

The interpreter of Sif discusses her future in the MCU and returns to Thor 4

Jaimie Alexander and his cut scenes in thor 4

Since the first Thor< /strong>In 2011, actress Jaimie Alexander was the face of Sif in the MCU. She reprized her role in 2011. several times, notably in Thor : The Dark World, the Loki series and the recent Thor: Love and Thunder. She appears for a short appearance, in which Thor finds her trail, seriously injured by Gorr.

Sif's interpreter discusses her future in the MCU and returns to Thor 4

During an intervention at the Super Heros Comic Con in San DiegoThis weekend, Jaimie Alexander returned to some cut scenes from Thor: Love and Thunder. She revealed that she should initially have a more significant role. Taika Waititi even filmed fight sequences between Sif and Gorr but ultimately cut them from the final cut:

I met Christian Bale on set and we were both there. sorry that our fight is not over. kept. In this sequence the two characters are in a room, in a common space. Sif is drugged, she is looking for a healer because her arm is cut off. There's blood everywhere.

Taika Waititi also cut scenes concerning The Grand Master and Eitri, which would have decreased the threat of Gorr as the main villain of the film.

As a reminder, Thor: Love and Thunder met with mostly negative reviews. The film was panned by critics and audiences for its definitively too comedic approach. On the box office side, this fourth installment of Thor's adventures still brought in more than $760 million in box office revenue.

His future in the MCU

Jaimie Alexander also took advantage of Comic Con to talk about her future in the MCU. The actress is still very motivated to reprise the role of Lady Sif. She would have even approached Marvel Studios to propose developing a series around her character:

This is an idea that my team and I have been exploring. A little. We wanted to launch a series around Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill. Sif is without a doubt my favorite character. and the role I enjoy most in my career. She means so much to me. I will continue to do so. play it until’à my last breath.

It's actually a shame that Jaimie Alexander didn't have more screen time in the MCU. A supporting character, she never really had the opportunity to shine in the MCU, and was never in the spotlight. a heroine of the first order. It might be time, in fact, for Marvel Studios to offer him something new and more important, in the same way as Loki, who had his own series.

The interpreter of Sif discusses her future in the MCU and returns to Thor 4< /p>

During this same Comic Con, a spectator asked &àgrave; Jaimie Alexander which superhero she would like to team up with. The actress then revealed that she would have liked to star in a movie with Iron Man:

I really like Iron Man. The flirting between the two would be funny because I think Lady Sif would punch him in the face…

The last time we saw Lady Sif was Lady Sif. was at; the end of Thor: Love and Thunder. She had become a Master of Arms and trained the son of Heimdall. Now remains to be seen. know when we will meet the character again. Maybe in Avengers 5 or in a possible Thor 5.

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