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The intense smell of

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Emergency services have confirmed the source of the strong smell of burnt plastic: the Burnaby refinery.

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In Vancouver, part of the city, particularly the east, woke up to a strong and unpleasant smell of burning plastic. A spokesperson for the Burnaby Fire Department confirms that an incident at the Burnaby refinery, a suburb of Vancouver, is the cause of the stench.

Emergency services say the incident at the Parkland refinery is not an emergency.

Deputy Chief of the Vancouver Fire Department, Pierre Morin, explains that the cause of this smell remains uncertain. For her part, Vancouver Fire Chief Karen Fry talks about an industrial incident linked to hydrocarbons.

The Parkland company said in a statement that the odor was caused by a problem with one of the processing units at the Burnaby refinery. She ensures that she collaborates with the Burnaby Fire Department and the RCMP. No injuries have been reported at this time […] and our teams continue to work to resolve this temporary incident.

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At approximately 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time, the City of Vancouver issued a public safety advisory (New window) encouraging citizens to stay home with doors and windows closed. If this is not possible, the City recommends finding shelter in a community center or library. The Burnaby Fire Department is providing the same recommendations to anyone who smells a strong odor related to the incident.

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The British Columbia Ministry of Environment has confirmed that an incident is underway. He advises people bothered by this smell to stay indoors.

Provincial environmental emergency officers are monitoring the situation and working with Parkland to mitigate potential effects on air quality, the ministry said in an email to CBC/Radio. Canada.

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In addition, the Parkland refinery reported (New window), on January 19, a risk of fumes due to the weather conditions which suffered in particular in Greater Vancouver, including a snowstorm and freezing rain.

This refinery, bought by the Alberta company Parkland in 2017, supplies about a quarter of Metro Vancouver's gasoline and diesel.

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