The inmate in the MAS grows: the party accused the vice president of Bolivia of seeking to outlaw him

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Movimiento al Socialismo number two, Gerardo García, took aim at David Choquehuanca by launching strong accusations against Luis Arce's running mate

The inmate in the MAS grows: the party accused the vice-president of Bolivia of seeking to outlaw it

Vice President David Choquehuanca together with President Luis Arce in an act in La Paz (REUTERS/Manuel Claure/Archive)

The pro-government Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) accused the Vice President of Bolivia, David Choquehuanca, of trying to “outlaw” that party, of which he is also a member, in addition to generating discord among its leaders through the “renewal” leadership.

In a press conference in La Paz, the vice president of the MAS, Gerardo García, presented a statement by the political group and accused Choquehuanca of promoting “renewal” in the ruling party and of working “underneath” to “eliminate” the party of which former President Evo Morales (2006-2019) is the leader.

The MAS leadership “has confirmed information that again Vice President David Choquehuanca Céspedes is operating in against unityof our political organization together with deputies misnamed 'renovators', who are nothing more than traitors”, the pronouncement begins.

The recurring internal conflicts within the ruling party have generated a division in the parliamentary caucus of the MAS between the “renovador” bloc, led by President Luis Arce and Choquehuanca, and the so-called “radicals” who support Morales.

The manifesto identifies the deputies Deysi Choque, Damián Laime, Rosario García and Magalí Torres as applicants, before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), for the statutes and legal personality documents of the MAS to seek its “proscription”.

“The Vice Presidency is preparing fallacious arguments to attack the statute” of the MAS, mentions the pronouncement.

The internship in the MAS grows: the party accused the Vice President of Bolivia of seeking to proscribe it

Luis Arce and Evo Morales (REUTERS/Manuel Claure/Archivo)

Among the elements mentioned are “actions aimed at dividing social organizations” related to the ruling party with “prebendal actions”, the annulment of a law that authorizes the “censorship of ministers“, whom the “radical” sector has criticized, in addition to the execution of “hate speeches” against the leaders of the Cochabamba tropics, a political stronghold of Morales.

Given all this, the MAS maintained that its statutes comply with “all legal issues” assigned by the TSE and that The Bolivian Vice Presidency will not be allowed to seek to “direct political and legal attacks” against the MAS leadership.

The leader García said that what the “renovators” want is for there to be no “so radical” MAS leaders and said that Choquehuanca acts out of “resentment”, that “their hindrance is Evo Morales” and that For this reason, it supposedly seeks to “divide” the MAS.

The divisions in the MAS began to be felt at the end of 2021, when the Morales sector recommended the president Arce to make changes among his collaborators, something to which the head of state did not agree.

The tension rose when Morales and some of the parliamentarians who support him denounced an alleged corruption in the Government, in addition to “a black plan” that the former president said was brewing against him in addition to the theft of his phones during a political act.

Initially , Morales spoke that trying to take care of Arce, however later he spoke of betrayals in his party, something that the president of the country denied arguing that from within the MAS sought to destabilize its management.

(With information from EFE)

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