The inhabitant of Bashkiria reported the rape, which lasted 5 hours

The inhabitant of Bashkiria has informed the police about the rape, which lasted for 5 hours. According to the woman, the incident occurred on the outskirts of the village, on may 28.

Жительница Башкирии сообщила об изнасиловании, которое длилось 5 часов

The victim, who lives in one of settlements of Beloretsky district, told the police that unknown persons dragged her to his car. The rape lasted for about 5 hours. Own source confirmed the information about the crime edition The insider said that the man abandoned his vehicle near the scene where the abused woman. The citizen’s identity is already installed. Law enforcement authorities suspect a local resident of 29 years, who previously served time for a similar crime.

When law enforcement officers came to citizen’s home, he wasn’t there. Currently, police are searching for a man. The investigation is ongoing.

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