The India national cricket team: history

The India national cricket team: history

History of Indian cricket and achievements of the Indian cricket team.

The Indian cricket team (aka Team India and Men in Blue) is run under the auspices of Indian Cricket Control Authority (BCCI). Although the European merchant sailors came to India in the 18th century and founded the first cricket club in Kolkata in 1792, the Indian national cricket team did not play until June 25, 1932. It became the sixth team to get the cricket test status.

Brief history of Indian cricket

In 1932, Indians officially began participating as a nation. It was the team’s first round against host England. The 1940s were the first series of the team as an independent country. India had to wait two decades to defeat a country for the first time. The most significant fans of the game of cricket was Mahatma Gandhi. In a wonderful philosophy of the Indian nation there was a place for cricket. Until his death in 1948, Mahatma Gandhi had a cricket ground in his garden. The historic moment in Madras (now Chennai) was in 1952, when India defeated Blue England in one and eight innings. Four years later, in 1956, India achieved its first success against New Zealand. In 1967-68, India defeated New Zealand 3-1 versus New Zealand Kiwi Tour, marking the first series victory outside the Indian subcontinent. In 1971, India defeated two of strongest cricket nations (England and the West Indies) in the 1971 test series. India’s next victory was in 1975 against East Africa at the World Cup. This game generated legends such as Kapil Dave, Mohinder Amarnath and Madan Lal. India also obtained the Rothman Cup in Asia in 1984 and then the World Cup in 1985. This victory also demonstrated that India’s triumph in 1984 was not a temporary victory.

Indian cricket now

Now India is in second place in the ranking of test teams, is in first place in the ODI rating and is third in the Twenty20 system. In recent years, the popularity of cricket in India has been steadily increasing. And though not all people play this game themselves, many are betting on cricket in India. You can learn more about this on the Top Betting Site. The captain of the team in all three formats is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It was during the Dhoni era that India became one of the leaders of world cricket. However, other strong players play in the team, in particular, Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sekhvag. Both athletes are owners of several world records.The Indian sports betting industry has changed dramatically over the past few years.

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