The independent journalist Huang Xueqin who was originally scheduled to study in the UK on the 20th and the farewell activist Wang Jianbing both lost contact | Position report

September 22, 2021 by archyde

The well-known mainland women’s rights worker and independent journalist Huang Xueqin and the occupational disease rights advocate Wang Jianbing lost contact a few days ago. Follow the Facebook group of mainland activists “Southern fools attention group“She said that Huang Xueqin was originally scheduled to go to the UK to study on September 20 (Monday), and Wang Jianbing would see her off, but the two have lost contact since the afternoon of the 19th.

The “Southern Fools Concern Group” quoted an “informed person” as saying that Wang Jianbing may be detained for investigation on charges of inciting subversion of state power, which involved daily gatherings of friends in his home.

Wang Jianbing, born in 1983, has been concerned about youth education and growth for a long time. He has been the director of rural education projects, youth growth projects and public welfare projects for the disabled. Since 2018, he has been concerned about the rights of workers with occupational diseases and provided them with legal support. Both he and Huang Xueqin are important supporters of the #MeToo movement in the Mainland.

Huang Xueqin is a well-known independent journalist for women’s rights in the Mainland. He has repeatedly exposed sexual assault scandals. He has helped many women report sexual assault and abuse cases online and dealt with censors. She participated in Hong Kong’s “Anti-Send” parade on June 9, 2019 and wrote an article, mentioning her feelings: “In my 30-year-old life, it’s the first time that emotions have fluctuated like a roller coaster: before In the middle of the night, I was moved by the beauty of the people of Hong Kong, and in the second half of the night, I was angry at the shamelessness of the Hong Kong government. The government’s tolerance is getting worse, the authorities are less tolerant, and the police are becoming more and more violent. Ripped into two halves, it looks more and more like the status quo in mainland China.”

The day after the article was posted online, the Guangzhou police came to the door in the middle of the night. Huang Xueqin originally planned to enroll in the Graduate School of Law of the University of Hong Kong in September 2019, but was summoned by the Guangzhou police and confiscated her passport and other travel documents at the end of August of the same year. Residential surveillance in designated residences. The detention of Huang Xueqin that year received widespread attention, and many international media including the New York Times also reported that she was released on bail on January 17, 2020. Huang Xueqin won the Chevening Scholarship this year and was originally scheduled to go to the University of Sussex on the 20th to study for a master’s degree in development.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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