Germany's incredible gesture, censored on TV, which challenges FIFA and Qatar at the 2022 World Cup

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Germany's incredible gesture, censored on TV, which challenges FIFA and Qatar at the 2022 World Cup

'It's non-negotiable': Germany's incredible gesture, censored on TV, which challenges FIFA and Qatar at the 2022 World Cup It is not known who will win the 2022 World Cup, but the ermany already deserves the title of “The bravest team of the tournament”. While FIFA and Qatar ban the use of a rainbow armband in tribute to the LGBTQ+ community, Thomas Müller's teammates took advantage of their match against Japan this Wednesday, November 23 to stage a gesture strong to criticize them.

FIFA causes controversy during the World Cup in Qatar

Let's start this article with a “fun fact” that is absolutely not funny: in Qatar, in 2022, homosexuality remains illegal and can be punished by torture and seven years in prison. A situation that scandalizes millions of citizens around the world, starting with footballers. Also, in order to express their support for the LGBTQ+ community and remind everyone that love has no rules, many people wanted to take advantage of the 2022 World Cup to pay tribute to the people concerned through a gesture. simple, but strong: wearing a rainbow armband.

The problem ? Given that FIFA prefers money to individual freedoms and respect for human dignity (after all, the international federation does not seem bothered to know that 6,500 workers died on the construction sites of this competition ), she immediately vetoed the practice. As a result, any player who now dares to wear such a piece of colored fabric will be sanctioned with a yellow card during the match, which can go as far as exclusion if he refuses to remove it. FIFA even forced Belgium to change their jersey at the last moment, simply because they dared to use the word… “Love”.

The Germans are leaving for war against FIFA

A decision which quickly caused gigantic indignation in the four corners of the planet, and which motivated the German team to step up. Where many selections preferred to lower their heads and backtrack, the Germans for their part took advantage of their first match against Japan in this CDM, organized this Wednesday, November 23, to hit the point on the table in a way very classy.

Thus, after the anthems and just before the start of the meeting, the 11 starting players had their picture taken gagging their mouths, in order to denounce the shameful attitude of FIFA. A sequence that has unfortunately been censored on television, but which is already making the rounds on social networks. And it is also on Twitter, that the German federation has also shared the image, before explaining this gesture so important.

We wanted to use the captain's armband to support the values ​​we have on this team: diversity and mutual respect. (…) It was not a question of making a political stunt, because human rights are not something negotiable. This should be taken for granted, but unfortunately it is not always the case. That's why this message is so important to us, she explains. To deny us the wearing of such an armband is tantamount to denying us the right to speak. We stick to our positions.

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Just the start of history

A simple but powerful gesture – especially since Germany is the only team to have dared to do something so far, which has been hailed by all internet users. The fight is also set to continue behind the scenes.Contacted by the BBC, the German Football Association has launched an investigation to find out whether FIFA's threat of sanctions against players who wear the rainbow armband was legal.

FIFA prohibits us from wearing a symbol of diversity and human rights. They imagined these huge threats of sporting sanctions, without really detailing them, lamented a member of the DFB. We will therefore investigate whether this action is legal“.

For once, we would not be unhappy to see Germany win.


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