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Increasing the setpoint leads to an overload of work among merchants

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All aluminum containers from 100 ml to 2 liters have a 10 cent deposit.


Several businesses have been stormed since the deposit on most beverage containers increased to 10 cents on November 1.

Many consumers waited before returning their cans, the majority of which went from 5 to 10 cents.

The food trade Marché Center -Ville, located in the district of Chicoutimi, in Saguenay, had to ask customers to come back later, because not long ago, its warehouse was overflowing.

It’s certain that by having more people coming to carry cans, then the warehouse which is more stocked, it takes more staff to manage that, explained Paul Chidiac, employee at the Marché Center -City.

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The Marché Centre-Ville, in Chicoutimi, receives many more returnable cans than before.

From now on, all aluminum containers from 100 ml to 2 liters have a standardized value of 10 cents.

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This is the first phase of modernization of the deposit in Quebec. The second and final stage, planned from March 1, 2025, will include the deposit of all plastic, glass and multi-layer cardboard containers from 100 ml to 2 liters. Plastic carbonated water bottles, wine and spirits bottles, for example, will be among the new eligible products.

It is certain that for phase two of this whole program, we have fears, we do not know where we are going to put the stock. When they bring us bottles from the SAQ, then pints of milk, then things like that, we'll have to buy another warehouse, we'll have to build. Right now, we're full. When they add more to us, we don't know what we're going to do. We are worried about this, continued Paul Chidiac.

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Marie-Eve Bouchard is the owner of the Récupération du Saguenay recycling center.< /p>

The Récupération du Saguenay recycling center, which collects directly from points of sale, has seen its volume explode in the last two months.

The owner Marie-Eve Bouchard believes this increase is here to stay.

People have probably become aware of the amount that could be offered to them, or rather which was returned to them just on the way to the grocery store. Normally we'll put out 23 pallets about twice. There, I take out one per month, said Marie-Eve Bouchard. beverages (AQRCB) responsible for modernizing the deposit desired by Quebec, it is too early to know if the new tariff has had a positive effect on recycling.

According to a report by Mélissa Paradis

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