The images would not have been a discovery of the 'paparazzis'. Everything would be premeditated.

The images would not have been a discovery of the 'paparazzis'. Everything would be premeditated.

The Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué aroused great controversy by being seen in public with the woman who would be his new girlfriend, Clara Chía Marti.

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According to the entertainment press, the Barcelona defender was at a concert and at a wedding with his supposed new partner.

As seen in the photographs of both events, Piqué did not care much that it was captured by the 'paparazzi'.

In fact, faced with this situation, the Spanish press has assured that there would be a unique strategy behind it.

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Piqué's new girlfriend

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The images would not have been a discovery of the 'paparazzi'. Everything would have been premeditated.

According to 'The Sun', the new woman with whom Piqué tries to rebuild her life responds to the name of < b> Clara Chia Martí .

It is noted that she is the young 23-year-old woman with whom the Spanish team has been seen in recent days.

In the same way, it is ensured that she was forced to delete all her profiles and her photos from social networks to avoid inconveniences.

So far, what is known is that she is one of the employees of one of the soccer player's companies, who would have started as an intern in Kosmos, Piqué's business.

The defender's 'strategy'

The images would not have been a 'paparazzi' discovery. Everything would have been premeditated.

After the photographs taken by the 'paparazzi' Jordi Martin were echoed, Piqué's attitude drew a lot of attention.

In fact, given this apparent comfort, several hypotheses have arisen. Of these, a supposed strategy is the one that has resonated the most.

“And if the public appearance of the brand new couple -which now even appears on the cover of a famous magazine- is a staging?” commented the journalist Laura Fa, one of the 'mamarazzis' who revealed the separation of Shakira and Piqué before they communicated it.

Apparently, the 'strategy of Piqué' would have to do with the idea of ​​showing a “more stable image”. This is also reported by other Spanish media that, citing sources in the United States, speak of the fact that Piqué's reason for presenting his girlfriend socially has to do with the idea of ​​showing “a better image” and giving a feeling of ” stability”.

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Since the announcement of the separation, neither Piqué nor Shakira have commented on the matter.

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