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The IKEA company is hiring salespeople for the Roblox virtual store

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

IKEA is hiring salespeople for the Roblox virtual store

IKEA is hiring salespeople for Roblox/IKEA

The Swedish company IKEA and the game platform Roblox developed the game “The Co-Worker”. The action of the game takes place in the Careers Done Different virtual store, where hired workers will work.

Every adult willing person from Great Britain and Ireland can become an employee in the store. This is reported in the CNN publication.

At Careers Done Different, you can work as a seller or a loader. The duties of employees will include helping visitors choose furniture, arranging showrooms and serving food in the IKEA cafe.

At IKEA, employees can develop a career in any direction, move to other departments or take on more responsibility. The Co-Worker game aims to help more people experience what working at IKEA can be like, the IKEA team shares.

Employees will work with Roblox players. Users will be able to serve customers, visit showrooms, receive advertising and use IKEA products to organize your virtual space.

IKEA is hiring salespeople for its Roblox virtual store


You can get paid for your work: employees will be paid £13 an hour. However, the company does not indicate how to get a salary.

Ten vacancies have been opened, you can apply for a position until June 16 on the company's website. The virtual store will be opened on June 24.

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