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The ideal Ukrainian copy of Shahed-136 was named “GUPALO”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

Ideal Ukrainian copy Shahed-136 was named

A team of Ukrainian developers from the WeTrueGun project designed an aircraft-type drone. It can be used as a kamikaze drone or a target for training air defense calculations. The aircraft was named "GUPALO".

On the WeTrueGun website, the drone is positioned as a successful Ukrainian analog of the Shahed-136, which among the occupiers is called "Geranium-2". The developers showed a video of training of mobile fire groups of the 114th brigade. They use new UAVs as targets. The video shows that a catapult is needed to launch the drone.

The photo of the drone was published on Instagram by Ukrainian musician Oleksandr Sydorenko. He urged soldiers from specialized military units who want to train with “real Shaheds” to contact the developers from the WeTrueGun team.

In addition to UAV designers, the WeTrueGun team includes developers and manufacturers of PEP and EW systems. The team has its own training center for training UAV operators.

Natasha Kumar

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