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The ideal drone fighter for the Armed Forces: the Tridon Mk2 anti-aircraft gun was shown in Great Britain

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul7,2024

The ideal drone fighter for the Armed Forces: the Tridon Mk2 anti-aircraft gun was shown in Great Britain

The Tridon Mk2 has a range comparable to a full-fledged short-range anti-aircraft missile system, which makes the installation an important development to combat by Russian reconnaissance drones.

The British defense company BAE Systems for the first time showed the Tridon MK2 anti-aircraft artillery installation with a range of up to 12 km. The relevant post appeared on the manufacturer's website.

The result of about 90 years of experience of BAE Systems was the Tridon Mk2 complex, which has a 40-mm Bofors 40 Mk4 gun. Such a system can be effective in destroying reconnaissance drones at a low cost. The indicated range of the Tridon Mk2 is as much as 12 km, which is essentially equal to a short-range anti-aircraft missile complex.

The rate of fire at the installations will be 200-300 rounds per minute, and Bofors 3P programmable ammunition can be used to hit targets . The combat module can be integrated on various platforms, for example, on a ship, a BVS 10 tracked all-terrain vehicle, a truck or an electric drive.

Defense Express  adds that the only problem is the production cycle of 15 months and the lack of serial production. However, the Tridon Mk2 should be an effective solution against reconnaissance UAVs. In addition, the problem is not only drones, but the Iskander operational-tactical missile complex, which cannot be shot down by conventional air defense systems. Therefore, the problem with Russian drones requires a comprehensive solution.

Natasha Kumar

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