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If some believe that it is too early to talk about it, others are completely opposed to it.

The idea of ​​a second refurbishment of Point Lepreau is coldly received

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The Point Lepreau nuclear power plant in New Brunswick was commissioned in 1983.

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Opinions differ within the New Brunswick political class regarding a second renovation of the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant.

In documents submitted to the Energy and Utilities Board, NB Power discussed significant costs that could arise in the future, such as the reclamation of Point Lepreau in 2041.

While NB Power is considering a second refurbishment of the nuclear power plant, the Liberal Party considers that it is too early to talk about it.

Liberal energy critic René Legacy believes that NB Power has a lot of important issues to resolve at the moment to start talking about a second refurbishment of the Point Lepreau nuclear power plant.

I think there is a lot of work to do before imagining that we are going to do a second upgrade.

A quote from René Legacy, Liberal MP for Bathurst-Ouest-Beresford

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René Legacy, Liberal MP for Bathurst West-Beresford, believes NB Power is mentioning a second upgrade of Point Lepreau to justify significant price increases.

What concerns me more is that there are other projects that NB Power has been discussing in recent years, and we have not yet completed these projects, among others Mactaquac and Belledune, underlines René Legacy.

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According to him, NB Power is seeking by all means to justify its rate increases, which would amount to up to 13.7% for 2024, and a minimum of 9.8% for 2025.

After difficult years during which the plant was shut down more often than expected, René Legacy notes that NB Power seems to be more realistic in its expectations for the next five years.

Non-operational days have been revised upwards, perhaps it is a small dose of reality that has come home with NB Power. [In the past], we often noticed that they were perhaps a little too optimistic in their projections, he recalls.

According to Green Party of New Brunswick, the refurbishment of Point Lepreau, at a cost of billions of dollars, has significantly increased NB Power's debt and delayed other important projects, including the development of renewable energy .

Party leader David Coon therefore hopes that New Brunswick will not repeat what he considers to be a big mistake.

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Green Party Leader David Coon believes the Point Lepreau refurbishment project was an error.

In 2002, based on evidence provided to it, the Energy and Utilities Commission concluded that it was not in the economic interest to refurbish the Point Lepreau power station the first time. Too much risk. And clearly, she was right, recalls David Coon.

Despite everything, Bernard Lord's conservative government decided to move forward.< /p>

We must replace the energy, in the future, from Point Lepreau with renewable energy.

A quote from David Coon, leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick

The Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development, Mike Holland, refuses to comment on a possible second refurbishment of the nuclear power plant.< /p>

The government has not received a request from NB Power [on this project], says Minister Holland, who specifies that any question regarding infrastructure projects should be sent to NB Power.

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