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The Hyundai company opens horizons for four-legged friends: a unique transport capsule for dogs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

Hyundai opens horizons for four-legged friends: a unique transport capsule for dogs

Now pets can go on a trip without their owner

Technologies in the world of devices, gadgets and cars do not stand still, but develop at a crazy speed, taking into account the needs of not only people, but also animals. Hyundai Dogbility – the ground-breaking mobility solution ushers in a new era of innovative transport designed exclusively for dogs of all types.

Such capsules promise to turn the dog's journey into something unusually unique. According to FCI Dogbility standards, 334 dog breeds were taken into account, promising to make the future of pets more mobile, says Hyundai.

Hyundai Dogability – is an autonomous transport capsule for dogs. She can transport them to the park, to their friends' homes, and around the city on her own, unaccompanied by the owner.

Hyundai Motor tasked AI to demonstrate a range of innovative features, including a pivoting steering wheel for stable steering, pedals pointing downwards to prevent any strain on the kneecap, and a color-changing HUD (Head-up Display) designed for unique canine vision .

This was Hyundai Motor's April Fool's Day campaign aimed to make fans laugh by creating a fun atmosphere around “Laughing Day”, but it resonated deeply with pet owners across the around the world who were looking for better solutions to accommodate and entertain their furry family members.

On social media, many dog ​​owners expressed a genuine interest in the concept, wanting to actually launch a mobile solution for dogs Many commentators are asking if there will be another line for “feline” customers.

If the concept becomes a reality, three versions of the models will be launched: Dogbility Pup for younger dogs, Dogbility Classic for adult dogs and Dogbility Senior for older dogs, comments Hyundai .

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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