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The amounts spent by network managers for consulting services do not go to the unions either.

The humor training offered at the CHUM does not make Dubé laugh

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Quebec Minister of Health, Christian Dubé

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The office of the Minister of Health of Quebec, Christian Dubé, finds “very questionable” an expense made by the Center hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) to offer training from the National School of Medicine. x27;humor to executives of the establishment.

Radio-Canada revealed, Monday, the existence of this contract ;an amount of $60,000 entitled “Humor skills for managers”. The training was provided after the arrival of new CEO Frédéric Abergel, appointed by the government, at the beginning of the year.

All contracts awarded by establishments must be justified and must be done according to the rules and ensure that it is relevant, writes the minister's office by email. Is it suitable for humor training?

C is very questionable, it raises doubts and it is up to the establishment to explain and demonstrate its relevance, because we are talking about public funds.

A quote from The office of the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé

The CHUM should provide more details on this training by the end of the day.

The establishment also awarded a $100,000 contract, over-the-counter, to the consulting firm McKinsey with the aim of obtaining a comparative portrait of the CHUM compared to other similar university hospitals , with the aim of ranking among the best hospitals in the world by 2030.

Our investigation showed that Quebec hospitals spend millions of dollars on contracts with private firms and consultants to do work usually assigned to their managers. For example: manage human resources, manage finances or manage senior living projects.

The Federation of Health and Social Services (FSSS–CSN), which will be on strike from Tuesday, was shocked by our information.

Money for private firms, the government and our employers always find it. To improve the working conditions of network workers, there is much less will.

A quote from the Health and Social Services Federation

The pandemic and the shortage of executives would be at the origin of this relationship of ever greater dependence between network managers and private consultants.

The network faces significant challenges, recalls the minister's office. Calling on external consultants to seek expertise on specific problems in order to make the best decisions is one of the solutions to be more efficient.

However, adds the firm, these are hires that must be justified and relevant, it is essential.

This concretely demonstrates that we need 'better coordination throughout the network in order to implement best practices everywhere and that's what we are going to do with Santé Québec, says the cabinet.

For its part, the official opposition challenged the minister, who said he wanted to attract shock managers from the private sector for the future Santé Québec agency.

Looks like you've already found your "top guns", quipped Liberal health spokesperson André Fortin.

We don't trust existing managers, so we hire more and more retired ex-managers on contract to do the same work.

A quote from André Fortin, health spokesperson of the Liberal Party of Quebec

Our file reported several executives recalled as consultants, just after their retirement, and hired for tasks similar to those that #x27;they made it when they were employees of the public network.

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