The humor in the networks was immediate after the electoral results. 

The victory of Gustavo Petro in the presidential elections in Colombia sparked humor on social networks, where Twitter users They launched it against the cyclist Egan Bernal, who was a protagonist in the electoral campaign with his political trills.

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Egan was an opponent of Petro, and for many of his trills he received much criticism in the country. Other users endorsed it.

But this Sunday, after the election results, the memes celebrated with the cyclist. Here, the best.

The memes


The Colombian cyclist left a new message on his Twitter account just before the elections: “Petro's campaign showed how far they are capable of going with “anything goes”, trampling and discrediting anyone who is not with them, and the worst even to his own allies,” he wrote.

For the first round of the presidential elections, held on May 29, Egan announced on social networks which candidate he preferred. His support at that time was for the candidate from Antioquia, Federico Gutiérrez. /1538664347802734593?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

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