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The hour of the month varies according to the Earth's

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul10,2024

The hour on the Month is different from the Earth

We have recently established the hour on the Month de to 0 ,0000575 seconds faster, lower on Earth today. This difference is insignificant, but it may be more important for precise space operations, such as the landing and landing of spacecraft.

As per the research published in the journal arXiv, for space agencies, to-from NASA, It’s even more important, and some of the guys are planning to set up bases on the Month and Mars.

There is no local time zone for the Month. Unmanned missions call the hour of extinction, signs of the launch of the device. For example, since the spacecraft was launched from the USA, in the American hour. The piloted missions “Apollo” The title of Ground Elapsed Time (GET) was vicorized, Tobto rang the time for the moment launching, writing flscience.

To bend, the coordinations of the mosenie hour are in the need for an indistinguishable non -resistance to the chisly plot ' I Masyats. < /p>

Let us again explain that ignoring the difference in the hour can lead to compromising the hour of space operations. For example, transmissions on Earth and receptions on the Month will be adjusted at different times, leading up to the death of the extinction station. For such operations, such as the landing or landing of spacecraft, very high precision is required.

NASA and other space agencies continue to negotiate and agree before setting a coordinated monthly hour. Only one thing is certain – The month is not the same as the summer hour, since its day contains 29.5 Earth days.

“The establishment of a standardized monthly hour is an important milestone for Mayday missions. This is to ensure coordination between different spacecraft during the month and facilitate coordination between different space agencies,” – go to the investigator.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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