The Honda Odyssey is already moving to 2022 and here is the strange reason

The Honda Odyssey is already moving to 2022 and here is the strange reason

Weird but true: the Honda Odyssey this week became the very first 2022 model to hit the Canadian market. And to think that the year 2021 has only just started!

First, let’s remember that Honda’s van recently benefited from a mid-term update that included some cosmetic changes, additions that make the interior a little more user-friendly and slightly improved equipment.

However, if you go to the Honda Canada site, you will see that the Odyssey is now presented as a 2022 model and not a 2021. Why? Have other important changes been made?

In truth, there is only one: the HondaVAC integrated vacuum system is no longer offered on any version. Problems with the supplier of the device would be responsible.

Photo: Michel Deslauriers

But is that a reason to push a 2021 model to 2022? After all, we are just talking about a vacuum cleaner, not an engine or some other fundamental part of the vehicle.

A Honda spokesperson told Motor1 that this is the main reason, adding that other factors can influence the launch of a model year, but without giving more details.

The Car Guide has contacted Honda Canada for clarification, but a response is delayed. In addition, it is not known whether the vacuum cleaner in question will be offered again in the future.

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