The history of Italian bags and popular branded models

The importance of bags in the life of every girl can say a lot. It is a stylish accessory, the seat of all female secrets and original addition to the image.

Individual attention, Italian fashion bags. The designers of this country have become accustomed to producing “the wow effect” wherever they appear in the product. And we also are unable to remain indifferent to the exquisite, modern, elegant and trendy Italian, women’s bags.

How to begin the mastery of the creation of Italian handbags? What model masters definitely worth adding to your closet? We already know the answers to these questions and are ready to share them with you.

История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

How was created the first Italian bags?

Even since ancient times bag was popular. Literally in every Italian city you can find an entire block or street, where he was engaged in production of such accessories. The most famous artisans of different eras lived in Siena, Pisa, Venice, Pistoia.

The representatives of the privileged class were regulars such masters. Even Paris, the yard was among the fans of Italian artisans and is actively buying purses and handbags. Products created from the hides of Buffalo and cows, as well as suede. Then the Italian bags were called “karsilama”, they were worn on the waist or over the shoulder. There was also bisacce, who were the equivalents of our modern travel bags.

Every century the craft of making Italian handbags updated with new technologies and interesting solutions in terms of shapes, textures and design. Despite the serious global turmoil, world wars, natural disasters, craftsmen tried not to stop work on the products. For example, in Italy after the Second world war there was a fashion on accessories made of artificial materials. It was sort of “forced” trend, because of the special choice of raw materials was not.

In the 21st century, the Italian masters do not hand over their leading position. They now create stunning fashion handbags. The designers retain the tradition, but take into account modern technology. Some trade secrets, and all kept within the family and passed on from generation to generation.

Despite the rapid changeability of trends, quality and workmanship will be relevant and revered always. Each piece of Italian designers proudly and deservedly carry the mark Made in Italy.

Italian labels, which glorified their bags

A cult phrase for many fashionistas this bag Italy. It’s the details that will put elegant and refined point in any way.

Which Italian brands have established themselves with stylish accessories:

  • Furla. Engaged in production of fashionable and stylish accessories for men and women. Special popularity was received by the ruler CandyBag. This stylish handbag made of translucent plastic in bright colors. The brand prefers a more classic model.
  • Prada. A brand with a century history, which deals with the creation of feminine accessories. Key features of the handbags from Prada — minimal decoration, simple design, accessories in gold.
  • Marino Orlandi. Key model brand is made in the dairy shade with jacquard lining. The collections are voluminous, roomy models that complement the feminine silhouette. As Marino Orlandi jewelry often uses patterns, complex patterns and relief stamping.
  • Armani. Perfect accessories from high-quality materials have become the object of desire of many girls. The collections of the brand can be marked as shoulder bags and postulancy and elegant clutch bags.
  • Gucci. Sophisticated accessories for those who are not looking for extra sparkle, and values individuality. A Gucci bag, which made a splash was with bamboo handles and decorated with large buckles.

Varieties of Italian women’s handbags

Some only today there are no handbags in the fashion market. We have collected the most popular models among which you are sure to find the one that will win your heart.

Structural handbags

Often have a rectangular shape and solid frame. Are created of leather or of its eco-friendly counterpart. This accessory will definitely contain all the necessary women’s stuff. Due to the strict and simple lines silhouette, this handbag will fit the business image. One of the most famous bags in such segment is the Birkin from the Hermes fashion house.

The satchel

История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

In its form it resembles the previous model, but has a soft structure. A striking example of such accessory is the Mulberry Alexa.


История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

The main differences between products: flat bottom, rounded top and two short handles. There are models with medium or large size. Bags-dome created from leather or thick textile. Accessory is very versatile and will look stylish with any look. If you want to buy bags-the dome, then pay attention to the Speedy from Louis Vuitton.

Messenger (bag postman)

История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

Elegant and practical accessory to create a soft type of leather or textile. The main parts of the messengers: a big flap, two zip and long handle to wear over the shoulder. This bag will fit into the outfit in the boho, casual or ethnic.


История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

Bulk product from textile, leather or straw, ideal for shopping. With two long handles, it can be worn on the shoulder, on the elbow or just in your hands. Shopper as capacious and functional. We recommend you to pay attention to the trend model Neverfull from Louis Vuitton.


История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

One more fashionable variant of the classic bags. The bag has a rectangular shape, metal clasp and short handle. Accessory due to the thick material keeps good shape.


История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

Popular accessory for an evening outfit. It is quite small in size, therefore suitable only for the most necessary. Can be either oval or rectangular. Clutch bag is created from a variety of materials: textile, leather, suede, brocade. Special attention is paid to the decoration of such handbags. It is often quite bright and catchy: embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, beads, ribbons. Clutch bag is often worn in hands or on a long metal chain.


История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

Can be considered one of the varieties of clutch bag. Its main difference is that it has the shape of rectangle and triangle valve. Because it looks very similar to the envelope. Perfectly complement the image for a date, wedding or celebration.


История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

Another option accessory for an evening out in the light, although perhaps not as popular as the previous one. Minodier has a solid, rectangular or oval shape. Externally it can be compared to a gemstone. It is an integral part of the decor, such as shiny stones.

How to choose and wear women’s bag?

История итальянских сумок и популярные брендовые модели

This is an important issue for each girl. Because the accessory should look perfect in any composed manner. Therefore it is necessary not only to choose but to wear stylish detail. We have a few tips that will help you make the right choice.

Choose a handbag according to your figure.

Because a petite woman is not to look harmonious with a large, bulky bag. Ladies with curvaceous stylists advise to pay attention to Italian products that have a clear, geometric lines.

It is better not to carry the bag in the area of the silhouette, the volume of which you would like to visually reduce. For example, do not place the accessory in the hips, if you don’t want to focus on their fullness.

Choose an Italian handbag according to style

Another important point when choosing accessory. Namely, its combination with your style of clothing. Knowing some important secrets, you will be able to choose the most successful version of the accessory.

Business style involves the choice of a structured model of genuine leather. A minimum of decoration, concise style and versatile shade and you have a handbag under a strict way.

Informal outfit more loyal of the accessories. Under the casual style suitable messengers or shoppers. Choose a Bohemian style or hippie chic? Then can be part of such an extravagant way, bag or bag-dome.

However, today’s trend unexpected combinations. For example, elegant pumps and a bright backpack or sneakers in tandem with a classic purse. However, not everyone is ready for such fashion experiments.

How to choose the perfect shade handbag

Choosing the right color of the bag depends primarily on your personal preference. But there are a few papers of principles on this score.

For example, in the cold season it is recommended to wear dark accessories. And in summer you should give preference to lighter bags. For warm season you can choose not just a white purse, light beige, cream or pale blue. These shades perfectly refreshing onions.

Do not try to pick up the purse, belt and shoes with the perfect combination of color and texture. This rule is no longer considered relevant. The details in the image can be in one palette, and contrast. Experiment with combinations and your image will be more alive and interesting.

A bright accessory can be a key figure of the image. But don’t forget in this case to add other colorful details in the outfit. Otherwise it will be a strong “fashion overkill”. Another useful rule regarding the selection of bags — the lighter, the better. You should not choose a heavy accessory. Otherwise, together with all the little things it will become literally unaffordable.

Say “no” to cheap products

And of course don’t forget to save money on accessories is not worth it. Buying a quality Italian handbag is a good investment and a great highlight for any style. Buying the product is low quality, you reduce your way and deprive him of a certain gloss. The stylists suggest in any case not to buy a fake model of well-known brands. On different elements of the remark immediately will give yourself and also quickly will become worthless.

These ladies definitely not just one bag. And rightly so, because each case is to have your accessory. Do not deny yourself in the purchase of stylish details. After all, a handbag essential for each girl and should be perfect.

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