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The hidden functions of smartphones, which not everyone knows about, are named

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

Named hidden functions of smartphones that not everyone knows about

Smartphones offer us a large number of various functions today. And most users don't even know about some possibilities.

Silent mode without pressing a key . To do this, go to "Settings" smartphone, section “Gesture control”.

Multi-window mode . Run two apps at the same time and split screen.

Fast removal of threats . Press the "Back" button several times, and the smartphone will automatically stop the suspicious application.

Disabling annoying messages . In the “Settings” section find the messages section and mark exactly which messages you would like to receive.

Guest Mode . It allows you to use only the basic functions of the smartphone without access to the personal information of the owner.

Launching programs with gestures . This is done through “Settings”.

“Developer menu” . This menu contains special phone settings. For example, you can change screen settings or power management.

Monochrome mode . It is necessary to save charge. In this mode, only black and white tones will appear on the screen.

Cloning applications . Some programs allow you to create copies of yourself so that the user can use them in parallel. For example, this will be useful for those who have two accounts.

Speed ​​dial last number . To do this, press the green call button twice.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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