The helper of the “Bachelor” Dasha Ulyanova rose, live with him

The helper of the “Bachelor” Dasha Ulyanova rose, live with him

Dasha Ulyanova, a helper for “Bachelor” 

<p dir=As you write, Dasha Ulyanova is a Ukrainian sportswoman, who has taken the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine. Zirka got into the act of drinking on the show “Bachelor” іz Max Mikhailyuk, de їy vdalos vymogti on proektі. After the show, the couple immediately rose up and Mikhailyuk gathered VS model Dasha Khlistun for his team. Natomist Ulyanov has become a successful blogger for the project, for which hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians follow on Instagram. And how many times did Dasha try to talk to Ukrainian fans.

“Set food menu”, &#8211 ; Ulyanova wrote, asking her fans before they move.

“Are you living right now? Abo with your soul mate”, – after sleeping.

“ Dasha wrote.

“Which do you have dyson for hair and yak? How do you like kerastas for hair? & # 8221;, & # 8211; Powering one more fan.

“I have a Philips hair dryer , but I'm trying if it's warm on the streets, less dry. Kerastas is not suitable for my hair. At the same time, I also test a different sight & # 8221;, & # 8211; Ulyanova wrote.