The heated conclusion of Wife Swap: The argument resulted in being kicked out of the apartment! Who had to go to the hotel?

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Even this week, the Wife Swap brought heated moments – mainly arguments between temporary partners, which unexpectedly escalated. Did the filming end prematurely this time, or did the couple decide to resolve their dispute differently?

The premiere episode of the reality show Wife Swap was broadcast on Wednesday, February 8 on Nova . In it, two quite different mothers were exchanged – although they were relatively close in age, their lives could not have been more different. IT tester Karolína (37) from Předboje u Neratovice together with her husband Jardou, currently unemployed, very freely brought up her three children – Daniel (5), Anežka (3) and Dominik (half a year) surrounded by the most modern technology, which these children are equipped with already dependent at such a young age.

In the family of Mirka (33) from Ostrava, there was a hot-tempered Tomáš (31) and four children – Petr (13), Matyáš ( 7), Zuzana (3) and Natalia (1).While Karolína was shocked by the fact that this household supposedly takes care of cleaning, but according to her there is a mess, and the children sleep instead of in the children's room on the bed in the living room on the couch, Mirka wondered about something else, and that for or unusual habits of the other family – for example, the children skip visiting the bathroom in the morning. And Jarda also confirmed that they don't brush their teeth very often at home – even though they had a special toothpaste dispenser. Supposedly in the evening… and only if they remember.

Hygiene in Předboj, which maybe even parents should work on, is not the biggest problem. Much bigger disputes will occur in Ostrava, where Karolína's temporary partner often quarrels with Tomáš. He himself admitted that he usually comes home from work in a bad mood. “Then I can be insane, obnoxious, mean, disgusting, but I realize that the woman is not to blame.”But it is a fact that Karolína's behavior did not add to his mood. She bought a number of things that he thought were unnecessary – for example trash cans for recycling or special children's soap for six hundred. his wife makes it clear that all this is beyond his financial means. “It gets to me mentally because it’s not that scary,” he boasted. It creaked between them for other reasons as well – they didn't even agree on upbringing, the change of regime somehow didn't happen, and every conversation they had together quickly turned into an exchange of sharp words and curses. They even shouted at each other because of the shopping bill, and Karolína threw the final detonator between them.

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