The heartbreaking story of the arepa seller who was abused and impaled in Villavivencio

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The business administration student is remembered because a citizen threw dog excrement at her when she worked at her arepas stand in Villavicencio, now she is the victim of a reprehensible sexual assault

The heartbreaking story of the arepa vendor who was abused and impaled in Villavivencio

The business administration student is remembered because a citizen threw dog excrement at her when she worked in her arepa stand in Villavicencio. Photo: Twitter @harmanfelipe

In recent weeks there have been numerous cases of violence against women. Femicides, harassment, sexual abuse and torture have been on the front pages of different territories in Colombia. Now added to these cases is that of the arepa vendor from Villavicencio, who was apparently kidnapped, raped and impaled.

Rejection and indignation are the feelings that seize the community, not only of Villavicencio, but of the national territory in general. This after knowing the new case of violence against women, this time, againstLina María Quintero.

The authorities are carrying out the respective investigations to clarify what happened and identify and locate those responsible for this reprehensible act. A millionaire reward was even announced to find the criminals.

Lina María Quintero is remembered because just a few weeks ago, a citizen of Villavicencio threw dog excrement at her stall of arepas, with which she sustains herself financially and pays for her university studies.

The arepa vendor recounted the unfortunate state in which the Police found her

Recently it was learned that the same woman who was attacked by another citizen in Villavicencio, was now the victim of an attack perpetrated by men in the La Madrid neighborhood of the capital of the Meta.

The authorities confirmed that a woman was found in that desolate sector. “An alleged case of sexual abuse that took place in the roundabout of the La Madrid neighborhood, which leads to the ecological corridor, where the patrol observes from a distance a vehicle that was on the side of the road, where the uniformed officers find a woman who claims to have been a victim of sexual assault,” said the commander of the Villavicencio Metropolitan Police, Ricardo Sánchez Silvestre, quoted by RCN Radio.

According to what was revealed by Revista Semana, which spoke with the victim, the young woman was on her way to buy the charcoal she uses to make the arepas she sells. Then subjects intercepted her in her vehicle and forced her to drive to a secluded place and alone, that's when the sexual assault occurred.

“They assaulted and sexually abused me ”, Lina María Quintero recounted. In her heartbreaking account, she also assured that the subjects not only raped her but also impaled her.

“The police found me with a stick with a condom in my vagina and in my mouth I had two blades that barbers work with, that's how they found me,” the young university student told the media outlet mentioned.

Although so far the results of the examinations carried out by the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences are unknown, it is known that the competent authorities are carrying out an investigation to locate those responsible.

Other cases of violence against women in Colombia

This case joins that of Hilary Castro in Bogotá and Paula Andrea Restrepo in Antioquia, both victims of gender violence and in one of the cases of events that led to femicide.

It is worth remembering that at the beginning of this month the case of the 17-year-old Hilary Castro, who was abused at a TransMilenio station during Halloween night, became known. In this case, the person responsible was captured days after the attack and it was recently learned that he died in strange circumstances while he was deprived of liberty.

On the other hand, there is the case of Paula Andrea Restrepo , an 18-year-old girl who was sexually abused, tortured and murdered in Andes, Antioquia.

The senior high school student was reported missing on last Friday November 4 after leaving classes. At night she was found on the side of a road in the Santa Rita township.

The young woman's hands were tied, she showed signs of sexual violence and multiple stab wounds, which would be precisely how they took her life.

Like these, there are numerous cases of violence against women that have been registered in recent days in Colombia and for which the citizens demand justice and guarantees.