The healthiest people live there: TOP-10 countries

The healthiest people live there: TOP-10 countries

Experts of the platform called the country the healthiest baggies. Under the hour of folding the rating, the average life quality in the country, the obesity rate among the civilian population, the availability of the health care system, the average number of days on the streets, the situation with safety, the number of sleepy days on the river were secured.

Healthiest people live there: TOP 10 countries

The leader of the rating was Japan. According to experts, the country has a low obesity rate (3.6% of the total population), a well-established system of public transport (very few people have no cars) and, after that, a low obesity rate.

TOP 10 countries with the healthiest residents:

  1. Japan
  2. Switzerland< /li>
  3. Cuba

  1. Slovenia
  2. Birmenia
  3. Croatia

  1. Finland
  2. Poland

  1. Belgium< /li>
  2. Italian

There live the healthiest people: TOP-10 countries

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