The head of the SBU disclosed the details of the manufacture of maritime drones

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The head of the SBU disclosed the details of the manufacture of maritime drones


On Wednesday, August 16, SBU head Vasyl Malyuk stated that Ukrainian maritime drones are a unique development of the Security Service of Ukraine. They are made in an underground production facility in Ukraine. 

His statement indicates that the development of maritime surface drones is exclusively the competence of the SBU and does not include cooperation with private enterprises. In order to ensure the success of this project, the special service involves specialists from the civilian sector, including engineers and IT experts, and it is worth noting that the production of drones is carried out underground to ensure the maximum level of privacy.

Production of our drones&nbsp ; is carried out at one of the underground production facilities in the territory of Ukraine. Today, we have many different interesting operations in the process of development and implementation, in particular in the Black Sea. I promise you, it will be a surprise, especially for our enemies.

The head of the SBU revealed details of manufacturing marine drones

BAGNET reminds, the head of the SBU revealed that it was Ukrainian drones that attacked the Crimean Bridge in July 2023, as well as the national ship “Olenegorsky miner”. and the SIG oil tanker.

He explained that the sea drones that caused damage to the Crimean Bridge were called SeaBaby, which translates as “Sea Baby”. These devices were to be put into service with a warhead weighing 850 kilograms. As for the drones that hit the Russian ships, their warhead was 450 kilograms.

The chief specialist of the SBU emphasized that all special operations carried out by the service comply with the law, and the execution of these tasks does not depend on external partners.


Prepared by Serhii Daga